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The 6 Best Los Angeles Colocation Server Providers

Posted by QuoteColo on December 30, 2016

Picture2Are you one of the decision makers at a company that is starting to expand? If you are growing and your hosting and data needs are changing, you might be contemplating getting an IT infrastructure set up in your company. However, when you start to consider this option, it is more trouble than you might imagine. It takes up a lot of space, requires the addition of more people on your team, and it can be more problems than it is worth. Choosing a Los Angeles colocation provider can make things much easier.

Of course, with all the options on the market today, finding a good service can be difficult. We will help to make things substantially easier for you by presenting you with the six best Los Angeles colocation server providers.


We are a company that provides a free service that matches up customers with colocation providers, managed hosts, and dedicated servers. Our goal is to make sure that your company is working with one of the best, and that is why we only align ourselves with the best. We have been working in the field of hosting and IT for more than 15 years now, and we know how to find the best companies. Check out the six great colocation server providers in Los Angeles below.

Digital Realty Trust (Telx)

DRT is a carrier neutral data center provider that offers LA colocation prices and services all across the World. In Los Angeles, they offer carrier neutral colocation at 600 West 7th. Street and at 2260 East El Segundo Blvd.

This company offers quality colocation facilities that include a fantastic staff that can provide you with help for your questions and help with your equipment. The onsite technicians can act as your hands at the site, so you do not have to come in to maintain the server. The company takes security very seriously as well, and they work hard to make sure that your equipment and data are always safe in the virtual world as well as in the physical world.

This company also offers flexible services that are scalable. As your company grows, you will be capable of scaling up your servers to match those data needs. It is a quality, cost-efficient option.


Cyberverse is regional data center operator that offers Los Angeles colocation at its downtown Los Angeles facility.

This company could be a good choice for companies that are growing quickly and that need to have large cages and cabinets. Of course, you can have smaller options here as well. It will all depend on what your company needs. One of the nice things about Cyberverse is the fact that it offers fast speeds, so you never have to worry about your site or data slowing down. Because the company is in Los Angeles, they have seismic protection in place. It also offers other security including biometric readers, onsite personnel and digital video recording.

Colocation America

Colocation America offers colocation services in five different data centers based in Los Angeles including One Wilshire one of the most telecom connected facilities in the World.

This company offers hosting and server solutions, as well as scalable and reliable colocation options in Los Angeles. The company knows just how important it is to provide fast speeds, a lot of bandwidth and to ensure reliability. It features N+1 redundancy on all the systems and plans, so you can be sure your data will always be available. You have a range of options. You could choose 1U of space, 2Us, a quarter rack, half rack, or a full rack. Even though the company has great reliability, excellent service and other features, it remains an affordable option.


Quadranet is a reliable and cost-effective data center provider that operates a private 60,000 square foot data center inside the Telecom building adjacent to One Wilshire.

This is another quality choice when you are looking for a colocation server provider in the Los Angeles area. If features quite a few advantages including secure private VLANs, redundant uplinks, redundant UP backup units, quality diesel generators from Caterpillar, crash carts, and even a workbench area for those who are going to be doing their own work and installation. You can choose from a range of suites and cages based on the amount of space you need. They have single server plans and up, so you can find the solution that works well for you right now, and then change your plan as your company grows.


Alchemy is a regional data center operator that has facilities in downtown Los Angeles, El Segundo and Irvine, CA.

The data centers in Los Angeles are situated below ground and have raised floors to help keep them safe in case of a seismic event or other types of disasters. The facility offers redundant fiber optic connections to the web, along with fire suppression systems. The UPS power also features backup diesel generators. Alchemy knows just how important it is to make sure that the customer’s sites and data are always available and running. The personnel at the facility monitor them around the clock with security cameras. You can be sure that the company also has excellent overall service.

Corporate Colocation

Corporate Colo is a local Los Angeles colocation provider that offers two 10,000 square foot downtown data centers – Darwin and Orion.

The company prides itself on efficiency and simplicity. They make it easy to get started with your colocation needs and can help you to figure out what it is you need. The company works to help you deal with your data needs, whatever they might be. They can help you get up in minutes. Though they try to keep things simple, this does not mean that they skimp on security. It is still a very secure option. The facility allows you to have great control over your data.

Which Provider Is Right for You?

You have quite a few options, but we’ve narrowed them down for you quite a bit. When you are making your decision for the colocation service provider in Los Angeles you will be using, make sure that you consider more than just the price. Look at all the features to make sure it will meet your needs and that it can grow along with your company. Since you are in Los Angeles, you might also want to make sure the company has protocols in place, as well as safety features, in the event of an earthquake.

Go through the six providers that we’ve mentioned here and see which one will work the best for you and your company. You will find that using a high-quality colocation service is going to be a much simpler option than trying to set up servers on your own premises.

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