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  • Cloud Computing in 2014: Facts and Predictions (Infographic)

    January 17, 2014

    Did you happen to know that 67% of IT professionals currently utilize some form of Cloud services and applications? Taking a wider look, 40% of the IT market currently utilizes public Cloud solutions, 22% use private Cloud services and 38% make use of hybrid Cloud deployments.

    Now, while the benefits of the Cloud remain the same – increased solution availability, lower costs, highly scalable applications and more efficient use of IT resources/capitol – the most interesting trend moving into 2014 isn’t that the Cloud is projected to reach $155 billion in global revenue. No. The most interesting detail of 2014 Cloud growth is that 50% of American companies have plans to increase their public Cloud budgets.

    What does this mean?

    The Public Cloud Moving into the Private and Hybrid Cloud

    With more and more companies moving into the Cloud – a recent study showed that 84% of CIO’s cut internal application costs by moving their solutions into the Cloud – business applications are bound to become more scalable and more secure. Even though the numbers suggest that 50% of American companies plan to increase their public Cloud spend in 2014, those companies will also realize their need for a private Cloud deployment. This realization will stem from the need for security over sensitive company data.

    As such, it would only follow that with 43% of IT consumers stating that data protection, backup and archiving is their primary concern within the Cloud, those businesses will realize that either investing in the private Cloud or a hybrid Cloud service would be the best bet. Not only will investing in a private Cloud or hybrid Cloud deployment help new-to-the-Cloud companies with security, it would also help by providing them with a great live/test environment and allow for private web application hosting only reachable by encrypted keys and VPN access.

    All said, it looks like 2014 is going to be a great year for Cloud services for both private consumers and businesses.


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