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Is a Carrier Neutral Data Center Right for Your Business?

Posted by QuoteColo on November 16, 2013

is a carrier data center neutral right for your business

The What

First, let’s define what a carrier neutral data center is. A carrier neutral data center is a data center colocation facility that allows for interconnection between various telecommunication providers and/or other colocation suppliers. It should be noted, carrier neutral data center colocation facilities are numerous and can be found all over the world.  

The Why

The why of choosing a carrier neutral data center provider over a carrier specific data center hosting facility comes in the obvious form of being hosted in a facility which supports multiple tier 1 providers. This means, within a carrier neutral data center facility, multiple providers have their POP’s (Points of Presence) and networking equipment installed in your carrier neutral facility. For you, the small business, this means your colocation web hosting data center facility acts as a major point of connectivity between various providers, i.e. you gain the ability to connect to the network provider of your choosing.

The short of being able to choose your network provider means, as a small business, you have control over who your company is going to directly connect with to better suit your internal company needs.

Another major “why” in choosing a carrier neutral data center provider comes in the form of utilizing multiple carriers to provide your company with high level redundancy. By collocating out of a carrier neutral data center facility your company has the ability to meet your needed level of redundancy, connectivity and most importantly, server performance. Due to having many carriers in one data center location, your ability to experience excellent redundancy and server performance can be achieved at a cost which is right for your company.

The Price

Look, at the end of the day, web hosting and colocation, like anything else comes down to pricing. In terms of colocation data center hosting, utilizing a carrier neutral data center facility gives companies and consumers the easy ability to search for, learn about and choose the best network at the lowest, most competitive price.

Far and away, the largest complaint of utilizing a carrier specific data center is the lack of competition within the data center between competing networks. To put this in better real world terms, think of a carrier specific data center as a totalitarian government which makes its public only use singular specific services across all industry. An environment like this means a lack of choice and a lack of market competition. For the consumer, this means high prices and, generally, substandard services.

On the other hand, a carrier neutral data center facility is more akin to capitalism. Within the capitalist system, the open market breeds and encourages competition. In turn, competition means consumers have access to better prices and better services.

This is the main reason why a company would choose a carrier neutral data center facility over a carrier specific data center facility. Capitalism and competitive rates/services vs. totalitarianism and high, uncompetitive rates/services.

QuoteColo and Carrier Neutral Data Center Facilities

Here is the thing, at QuoteColo we make it our job to guide your colocation data center facility search. Whatever your company is looking for in terms of colocation, web hosting, Cloud hosting and dedicated servers – managed and unmanaged – QuoteColo can and will help. But know, we fully endorse out clients utilizing carrier neutral data center facilities over carrier specific data center locations. For the reasons mentioned above – connectivity, redundancy and pricing – QuoteColo stands firmly behind the utilization of carrier neutral data center facilities for companies located at home and the world over.

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