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1U Server Colocation Pricing in Dallas

Posted by QuoteColo on January 03, 2014 - Updated on February 20, 2023

1u server colocation pricing in dallas

Finding a 1U server colocation solution in Dallas, TX isn’t a hard thing to do. With many colocation and web hosting providers located in and around the Dallas, TX Metropolitan area, finding reliable, powerful and cheap 1U server colocation services should prove to be simple enough. Learn more about colo facilities in Dallas, check out our Dallas Colocation page here.  This said, we are going to use this space to chat about a few Dallas, TX colocation providers and the pricing they charge for 1U servers.

ColoUnlimited Dallas 1U Server Colocation

For those who are new to colocation and the web hosting industry, ColoUnlimited (aka CoreXchange) is a trusted name in colocation serving clients in over 100 countries around the world. Operating out of their own data center space in Dallas, ColoUnlimited offers clients the ability to host their colocation needs within tiered data centers housing built in redundancies.

If you decide to collocate with ColoUnlimited in Dallas, TX, for a single server – 1 or 2U – ColoUnlimited will provide you with 10Mbps burst to 100Mbps per month, 2A 110V power connections, free reboots of your server, a port speed of 100Mbps, 5(IPv4) plus IPv6 IP addresses and free racking for a monthly cost of $49 per month. Additionally, if you require a provider supplied dedicated server, ColoUnlimited can supply a Intel Xeon E3-1230 with 8GB Ram and 1,000GB Hard Drive for $79 per month. Check out ColoUnlimited’s most popular packages on their colocation pricing page.

ColoGlobal Dallas, TX 1U Server Colocation

For $74.95 per month, ColoGlobal supplies their customer with 10Mbps of bandwidth, 2Amps redundant power, 1 usable IP addresses and free setup. In addition, to show sell their colocation data center infrastructure off, ColoGlobal supplies server battery backups, backup power generators, redundant network entrances and providers, enterprise grade cooling systems, a single network drop, dual power drops and a Cisco powered network.

Quadranet Dallas, TX 1U Server Colocation

A combination of the marketing of both ColoUnlimited and ColoGlobal, Quadranet sells their 1U server colocation solutions in Dallas, TX by featuring both their data center infrastructure alongside of their single server colocation plans.

Ranging from $79 per month to $99 per month, Quadranet supplies their consumers with 1U rack space, a monthly bandwidth ranging from 300GB to 3000GB, 100Mbps network ports, a power allotment of 1 AMP 120V and 5 /29 IP’s. Moreover, their Dallas, TX colocation data center supplies redundant uplinks, secure VLAN’s, free on-demand KVM over IP, redundant power and cooling gear and 24/7/365 on-site support engineers.

While we only covered three Dallas, TX based colocation providers, when searching for 1U server web hosting in Dallas, the prices will fall within the range mentioned in this article. With most providers charging anywhere from $75 – $100 for 1U server colocation in Dallas, the choice isn’t about price. Your choice should center on services rendered for the price.

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