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4 First-Rate Sacramento Colocation Data Centers

Posted by QuoteColo on December 20, 2017

For any business looking for a colocation data center, Sacramento offers a plethora of excellent options. Many of these providers also offer other services, as well, to give you more bang for your buck. We’ve determined the four best in the area, so you can skip past most of the research and determine the one that provides what you and your business need. We’ll look into the features and services of each below.


Our first option is Datacate, which is located minutes from Sacramento. This provider offers FM200 fire suppression, power backed by generators, and redundant networking, just to name a few features. This provider is compliant with SSAE 16, HIPAA, and SOC 2. They also offer a fiber backbone with BGP failover with both primary and backup carriers. The team at Datacate also offers dedicated hosting services and can help you get started, consider a move, or scale to your new business needs.

Security is an important aspect of colocation and Datacate takes that seriously. There is constant surveillance by staff and camera. Data center access is provided by biometrics in order to ensure those who step inside are allowed to be there. Datacate also offers 24/7 mission critical system monitoring, network monitoring, and network operations along with lobby staff.

The colocation options range from a single server to a full cage and beyond. They are dedicated to long term solutions and will help you choose the right solution for your business needs. Datacate has pre-action fire protection and a redundant climate controlled environment. There is also a client portal customized for your business, so you can monitor your account at all times.


Another excellent option for colocation is found at RagingWire. This provider has three different locations found in Sacramento. When choosing one of these locations as opposed to a San Francisco or Silicon Valley location, you can save a lot of money and still get many of the same perks. These data centers are located away from the fault lines for extra protection from disasters. They offer secure cages and cabinets, as well as private suites for large enterprise needs.

No public access is allowed at these data centers and an eight-foot perimeter fence spans the area. There are secure doors and a turnstile mantrap to help prevent any data floor access or tailgating. These data centers use digital cameras to monitor all of the data center areas considered secure, as well as the entrances, roof, and parking lots. There is also 24/7 security along with electronic access control. RagingWire also features secure storage space and around the clock shipping and receiving.

These data centers are carrier neutral to give you more options. They also have various Tier 1 carrier options built in for convenience. There are also several fiber entrances for redundancy and direct connection to many of the most popular cloud providers.


QTS out of Sacramento is a data center with 46,000 square feet of raised floor space, along with 9MW of power capacity. This facility offers excellent colocation options, along with disaster recovery solutions to fit businesses of any size or sector. They also provide ten office spaces for rent, along with roof space for customer antenna installations.

You don’t need to stress about security when using QTS, as they require key cards just to enter the building. Reaching the data center floor and other secure areas requires both a key card and two-factor biometric scans of the iris and fingerprint. Man trap entrances are also included. Security is on-site 24/7 with patrons inside and outside of the data center. In addition to that, there are a total of 72 cameras to monitor all important areas. The entrance glass is also high-quality riot glass.

At QTS you can choose from single cabinets, multiple rack cages, and private suites. There are also configurable redundant and primary power options and scaled services that you can adapt as your business grows and expands. Cabinets include secure locks and KeyWatcher service is available for cages. Suites come with customer specific badge reader access along with optional additional security features.

Consolidated Communications

Our final choice for first-rate Sacramento data centers is Consolidated Communications. This colocation data center is a Tier II facility that is accessible 24/7. It features a raised floor with secure, lockable cabinets and cabinet racks. This location features private parking and offers a break room, rest room, and conference room access. There is 24/7 off-site monitoring and security, along with 24/7 facility and network monitoring.

Consolidated Communications works to provide an affordable solution for those seeking colocation services. They have high availability for storage, databases, applications, and business continuity. You will find that this facility has high-speed connections to numerous national, local, and global ISPs and carriers which gives you more choices. They also have flexible capacity that you can bump up and down as needed.

There is a 24/7 network operations center that offers support in the form of logging, network monitoring, and incident tracking. There are also service level agreements available. Consolidated Communications also offers you VPN services and managed firewall solutions. Space can be had by ⅓ cabinet, ½ cabinet, or even full cabinet, depending on your business needs. You’ll also find that they offer uninterruptible power supplies and security around the clock.

If you want to utilize a colocation data center in Sacramento, you can’t go wrong with the four above providers. Each has its own set of perks and offers a number of features and security options. We suggest taking a look at each provider to narrow down the one that fits your specific needs. You may prefer a large facility or one smaller. You might prefer the facility be within city limits or not mind it being in the outlying area. All of these options are covered here and we’re sure you can find the right provider for your needs.

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