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4 Ways Managed Hosting Helps the Health Care Industry

Posted by QuoteColo on November 12, 2014

4 Ways Managed Hosting Helps the Health Care Industry

When it comes to implementing different types of technology, companies in the health care industry generally seem wary when it comes to adoption. They have to make sure that the technological solutions they are trying to implement will actually be good for their company, and that they will conform to all of the rules and regulations associated with the industry. Whether working in the financial, administrative, or clinical side of the field the technology always needs to be able to stand up to the compliance and security standards.

#1: The Information Needs to Be There

When dealing with patient information on a managed hosting server, it means that those who need to access the information, such as billing or actual physicians, will be able to do so without worrying that the information will be missing. With the old methods, using only physical charts, there was always the chance of losing information and entire charts. Having the information on a managed server, and constantly updating it, means that all of the doctors and other officials using the chart and amending it will have the latest information. This can help to make things safer for the patient in the end.

#2: Abiding By HIPAA Rules

HIPAA, the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act from 1996, helps to ensure the privacy of patients medical histories, and all clinics and health care facilities, large and small, need to follow their guidelines when it comes to keeping patient information safe. This is particularly challenging when storing information online. However, managed hosting, which can offer far greater security and customization, helps to make this much easier. Managed hosting can provide support and security around the clock for companies and clinics as a means to help ensure security and uptime.

The best of the managed hosting companies will be able to test for and ensure compliance, so the health care companies never find themselves in trouble.

#3: Improved Cost Efficiency

One of the things that concern many in the health care field is the cost of implementing various types of technology. The use of managed hosting is actually quite cost effective. Cost efficiency is important to companies no matter their size. When using scaled services, it is possible to find solutions that work well for all manner of companies. Even with managed hosting around the clock, the costs are remarkably low when you compare them with some of the alternatives, such as trying to hire a fulltime IT staff for the company.

#4: Flexibility

Thanks to the way the cloud works with managed hosting, it is easy to create a system that works for the company’s needs right now, as well as to scale up or down as needed in the future. This scalability is simply something that’s impossible when dealing with onsite hardware and an onsite IT team. Being able to increase the support you have as the medical practice grows is essential in today’s world, and managed hosting ensures that it is faster and easier to do. You never have to worry about finding more room for additional servers onsite, or additional personnel.

These are four of the main ways that using managed hosting is helping the health care industry today. Ultimately, the use of a managed host aims to make setting up and running efficient networks faster and easier for health care companies, as well as many other types of companies.

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