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5 Best Sites for Bitcoin Mining in 2019

Posted by QuoteColo on May 23, 2019 - Updated on February 20, 2023

With the up and down price of Bitcoin in 2019, many clients have been asking for the best site location for Bitcoin mining. Clients are looking for the most reliable and legit miner hosts that offer the cheapest electrical rates in order to generate a quicker return on their investment (ROI). Assuming that you own or plan on buying Bitcoin miners and are looking for a mining colocation service, there are many factors that need to be considered when choosing a host. The two most important considerations are the reliability and legitimacy of the host and their mining farm site location. Below are the 5 most popular and reliable Bitcoin mines site locations that we have worked with over the last few years.


1) Georgia USA – As of 2018, some of the Georgia’s biggest commercial utilities have become more “mining friendly.” While other USA State utilities are saying no to miners, both Georgia Power and the Southern Company have allowed new miner host facilities to be built with upwards to 100 MW available. Some entrepreneur types have negotiated low power rates and can offer hosting from mobile mining containers. These containers offer a quicker install time frame so their client’s can react quicker to an uptick in the market and not be held prisoner waiting for a brand new facility to be built.  Miners can expect to pay about 6 to 6.5 cents in Georgia.


2) Texas USA – At the time of this writing (May 2019), several brand new mining facilities are being built with expected rates around 6.5 cents. Although Bitmain pulled the plug on its proposed $500 million data center back in 2018, several other well funded companies have stepped up to bat. Texas public utilities have welcomed Crypto Currency  mining operations with open arms.  Presently, we have a miner host in the College Park area that offers about 7 to 7.5 cents based on volume.  The major downside of hosting miners in Texas is the heat. Make sure you perform due to diligence on your host before signing the contract!


3) New York State USA– Although there has been some very negative press about Bitcoin mining in NYS, we have two very well funded and operated facilities that do a great job of getting mining rigs online at a fair price. One of the host operates at an old General Motors plant in Syracuse while the other is North of Albany. While some larger NYS hosts have over built, over promised, and gone chapter 11, these two hosts operate smaller sites (less than 10MW) and have “weathered” the bear market. More importantly, they both have great working relationships with their local electrical provider. In Syracuse, you can host both ASIC and GPU rigs at 7 cents while North of Albany ASIC units can be hosted around 6.5 cents.


4) Russia – Yes, it says Russia!!! Despite the recent political climate, we have a USA based host that operates a facility in Siberia. Along with some of the cheapest electrical rates available in the World at 4 cents (USD), they also sell on site used ASIC units at reasonable rates (clients pays no additional fees or shipping). Popular Antminers such at the S9 or L3 are available at discounted rates and can be installed quickly. All in (space,power, cooling and Internet) S9 hosting rates vary from $42 to $55 USD a month depending upon prepayment and TH used. They have over 5000 ASIC units running today with a capacity up to 50MW.


5) Canada – During the Crypto Currency “bull run”, everyone wanted to host miners in Canada because of the positive press of cheap electrical prices and the friendly mining atmosphere in Quebec. Once the local PDUs started hiking the electrical rates just for mining farms, their popularity obviously diminished. Today, some of the local PDUs have eliminated the “crypto tax” and others areas of Canada such as Alberta and Calgary have started to see a growth in new mining facilities. Compared to the cheaper rates in the USA, our private sources tell us to expect to see facilities come online in 2019 that should be in the 5 cent (USD) range. Stay tuned for new information on that!


Finding a qualified Bitcoin mining site is not an easy task. Make sure to evaluate all available options and do your due diligence! Please contact us directly at info (at) if you have any questions or comments.


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