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5 Top Benefits of Using an AWS Reseller

Posted by QuoteColo on November 13, 2019 - Updated on January 14, 2022

5 Top Benefits of Using an AWS Reseller


Amazon Web Services (AWS) is the leading provider of on demand computing resources. I think we all understand that at this point. The AWS cloud hosting platform is used by millions of clients spanning the globe. Some companies self manage their AWS environment while others, both small and large, look to outsource some or all of their management tasks to an AWS reseller/VAR. Below are the top five benefits of using an AWS reseller.


1) Cost Savings – AWS resellers offer market rates and some claim to offer volume discounts.  I am not sure if “volume discounts” are even valid. The real cost savings come from the use of AWS reseller’s custom software and expertise that can offer options and recommendations to reduce overall costs. As an example, many AWS clients are overspending on useless and out dated instances. Some AWS clients have experienced up to 60% in cost reductions utilizing a qualified AWS reseller service.


2) Getting Started – Clients without in house technical support just need to know how and where to get started with AWS. A certified AWS reseller can offer their expertise from the start so your implementation runs smoothly and cost effectively. Along with migration assistance, other common starter services include choosing the right instances, designing a redundant/secure environment, and ongoing expertise in optimizing deployments.


3) Total Control – Even though you might be outsourcing some management tasks such as performance monitoring and security, the client always has the right to cancel their managed service. Most AWS resellers offer a pay as you go type service or monthly plans. In Amazon’s eyes, you are the end client.


4) One Stop Shop – Along with AWS managed services, top AWS resellers offer services from the other top public cloud platforms – Azure and Google. Customers looking for 100% uptime and redundancy have been diversifying their cloud portfolio to reduce downtime. Clients can use one central console to view and manage all of their cloud hosting accounts.


5) Business Focus – Similar to the benefits of managed hosting, utilizing a qualified AWS reseller managed service will allow you to focus 100% on your core business and not waste time and internal resources on managing a complex cloud hosting service. Identifying the most cost efficient instances and the major cost overruns in your AWS environment is not a simple task. If you do not have the in house technical expertise, it makes sense to consider a qualified AWS reseller.



The great thing about AWS is that its cloud hosting platform levels the playing field and hosting costs are based on actual usage. All Amazon AWS alternatives businesses, regardless of size or profitability, have access to the essential technological tools vital to business growth. Using an AWS reseller will help you take your performance and cost savings to the next level. Contact us at info (at) if you have additional comments or questions.

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