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9 Best Resources on Data Center Security

Posted by QuoteColo on October 13, 2015 - Updated on February 20, 2023
data center security resources

Interested in learning more about data center security?

Maybe you’re a NOC Engineer, maybe you’re interested in long-term colocation, or maybe you want to know about the security structures of where the majority of your mobile app information is stored.

Whatever your reason, all you need to get started are the right tools – tools that have helped help everyone from IT professionals to curious readers become more informed about data center security.

Here’s your guide to the top 9 resources that will boost your knowledge about data center security:

Resource #1: The Data Center Journal

Of all the data center related blogs online, The Data Center Journal is the most notable. Covering everything from data center design, to data center security standards, to data center power and cooling along with industry news, their DCJ Expert Blogs page is the top data center information destination.

The Data Center Journal

What makes The Data Center Journal a great resource is that readers have access to high end white papers, expertly written and sourced DC infrastructure articles, along with well sourced case studies covering a variety of topics. A few of the current case studies include:

  • New business models for data center expansion
  • Virtual desktop and contention storms
  • Modified Rack Design for Higher Data Center Temperatures
  • Out-of-the-Box Reliability
  • Securing Data Center Savings

Another major benefit of The Data Center Journal is their name recognition. Due to being known around the industry, data center thought leaders tend to use the publication’s blogging platform as their own vehicle for expressing new ideas and thoughts on existing data center tech. The Data Center Journal’s expert blogging section covers everything from AWS and Azure cloud updates to breaking VMware data and avenues to protect data through modernization across the industry.

Lastly, one of the main reasons The Data Center Journal makes for an excellent DC security data resource is that the site ties you into industry trade organizations like 7×24 Exchange NY Metro, industry conferences like IQPC Exchange, and top level analysts like Forrester and Info-Tech.

Resource #2: Data Center Knowledge

Data Center Knowledge is very much akin to The Data Center Journal in terms of high quality, up to date content, industry news, professional perspectives, white papers, and more.

Data Center Knowledge

Resource #3: TechRepublic Data Center Blog

The TechRepublic Data Center Blog is another great data center security publication for advice and best practices.

TechRepublic Data Center Blog

Resource #4: Cisco Secure Data Center Solution

Bear in mind for a moment that some of the best information about data center security is going to come from the men and women working for enterprise level companies either working on improving current security models or working to develop new future security infrastructures. Due to this, some of the best data center security design resources are company blogs and knowledge base locations.

In this regard, the Cisco Secure Data Center Solution is always a good bet for learning new DC security information. With Cisco being one of the largest data center service providers in the world, it would make sense that what they say about current trends, the solutions and the advice Cisco provides in terms of security, are worth listening to.

Cisco Secure Data Center Solution

For a quick rundown, the Cisco Secure Data Center Solutions portal provides Cisco case studies, infrastructure design guides, white papers, links to security products and data concerning at-a-glance solutions for your enterprise. In addition, the portal enables direct communication with a Cisco representative allowing clients to chat about security, design and hardware issues.

More than any other data center security company’s content online, the Cisco Secure Data Center Solution is going to be a valuable resource, worth your time to utilize.

Resource #5: Symantec Data Center Security

Symantec Data Center Security offers a rundown of Symantec Data Center Security products supported by industry white papers and a comprehensive comparison tool to other security solutions.

Symantec Data Center Security

Resource #6: Juniper Data Center Security

The social aspect of the portal aside, the Juniper Data Center Security Community provides excellent security-related blog articles, and full-scale security presentations through SlideShares and client-driven forums designed to ask and answer pressing security concerns.

Juniper Networks Community

Resource #7: Data Center Talk

One of the best places to go to get reliable, real world data center security information is within data center forums. We don’t have to explain the immeasurable benefits of being able to ask questions and find answers to questions posed/answered by real world data center professionals over company-sponsored data.

With this in mind, the single best data center security forum is Data Center Talk. The Data Center Talk forum offers users the ability to interact with other working professionals to learn about everything security related and elsewise within a DC.

Data Center Talk

Case in point, as of October 6th, 2015, the number one thread within the general forum section of Data Center Talk is “Sources of Cyber Threats in Data Centers”. In addition to that thread, you can find lines of conversation concerning:

  • What are some full proxy data center architectures?
  • What is hazus-mh?
  • What is HIPAA disaster recovery plan?
  • Cloud Firewall Suggestions
  • Traditional NAS vs. Scale Out NAS

If your objective is to go to the source without encountering professionally sponsored answers, there is no better forum online than Data Center Talk.

Resource #8: Web Hosting Talk Data Center Forum

Truth be told, the Web Hosting Talk Data Center Forum is, in every way, as critical a DC forum as the Data Center Talk channel. The only difference relevant to this list being that they mostly focus on web hosting topics as opposed to straight colocation and data center topics. Either way, it is a great space for data center security resources.

Web Hosting Talk

Resource #9: Symantec Data Center Connect

The Symantec Data Center Connect forum is a combination of help articles, company sponsored content and immersive security threads. While the platform naturally leans towards Symantec, you can find some very unbiased chatter within their forums in terms of how to deal with security issues impacting equally across the industry.

Symantec Data Center Connect


Over 70% of organizations report falling victim to a successful cyber attack in the past 12 months.

Security issues are essential to protecting your data and your business, and because these issues are constantly changing, you need a deeper understanding of potential vulnerabilities your business may be facing.

This is why you have to continually invest in learning about data center security, and we know that these 9 resources will help you and your team do just that.

What other data center security resources would you recommend?

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