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A Comparison of Dedicated Windows Server Hosting Platforms

Posted by QuoteColo on August 08, 2013 - Updated on September 06, 2017

dedicated windows server hosting

If you’re looking for cheap Windows dedicated server hosting or the best Windows dedicated server web hosting, you have come to the right place. For the next few hundred words, we are going to do a spot on comparison of some of the dedicated Windows server hosting solutions on the market. From price, to OS, to performance specs, the next few hundred words will be a quick comparison between BurstNet, Go Daddy and Server Pronto. So sit back, relax and take a read.

BurstNet Dedicated Windows Server Hosting

BurstNet is a reputable player in the web hosting industry. With years of experience, certified managed support and top customer ratings, the company has steadily proved they are a major player in the Windows dedicated server market.

The BurstNet dedicated Windows hosting plan begins at $64.90 per month. For this monthly fee, you get an Intel Celeron 3.06GHz processor running Windows 2003 or 2008 with 80GB of Disk Space, 512MB of memory and 5000GB of Bandwidth. Coming with managed dedicated server support and free installation, the BurstNet Dedicated Windows Server Hosting solution is a great package for dedicated web hosting customers getting their feet wet and for customers who already know what they are doing.

As you might imagine, this is a basic package. BurstNet has additional higher resource Windows Dedicated Server hosting packages available for purchase.

Go Daddy Windows Dedicated Server Web Hosting Packages

Let’s get honest for a moment, Go Daddy is one of the longest serving, largest web hosting companies there is. Due to this, although you can get great deals and solid dedicated server solutions, like any major company, Go Daddy doesn’t really need your business. Due to this, when you use Go Daddy, you will get a good service at the price of being just a number in the hay stack. This being said, the Go Daddy Dedicated Windows Server Hosting plans are reliable, affordable and fully useable.

The Go Daddy dedicated Windows hosting package begins with their “Economy Plan” utilizing an Intel Pentium 4.3GHz processor running multiple variations of Windows OS templates backed by 120GB of Disk Space, 2GB of Memory, 5000GB of Bandwidth, both managed and unmanaged dedicated server solutions and free deployment. All of this for the monthly price of $82.99.

Server Pronto Dedicated Windows Server Hosting

With roughly 13 years in operation and the tag line, “we have built enough server that we’re just as good as any of those bigger guys,” Server Pronto has been a consistent and customer pleasing dedicated server provider. With both Windows and Linux packages, both unmanaged and managed dedicated server packages and guaranteed provisioning in under three hours, Server Pronto is a reliable dedicated Windows web hosting provider.

The Server Pronto Windows virtual dedicated server hosting package begins at $69.95 per month for a AMD Athlon II X2 processor running multiple Windows OS (multiple variations of Windows 2003 and Windows 2008) backed by 120GB of Disk Space, 2GB of memory, 5000GB of Bandwidth and free deployment. Like Burstnet, although a bit more expensive on a monthly basis, Server Pronto provides some of the best Windows dedicated server hosting packages currently offered on the hosting market.

Windows Dedicated Server Web Hosting Comparison Thoughts

 All in all, If you look hard enough, you can find great Windows Dedicated Server Hosting plans all across the Internet. By conducting basic Google searches and looking at various dedicated hosting provider reviews/comparisons, you can easily find a dedicated hosting server platform which suits both your needs and your monthly budget.

Happy dedicated hosting shopping!

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