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A Guide to Choosing Your Console: PS4 vs. Xbox One

Posted by QuoteColo on July 21, 2013 - Updated on March 03, 2016


A Guide to Choosing Your Console: PS4 vs. Xbox One

Just for a moment, let’s all forget that we are computer nerds who undoubtedly know that computers still and will always rule the gaming world. For a moment, let’s forget that we know the reasons computers rule the gaming world is their faster progression and use of newer, more powerful, faster and more dynamic hardware and let’s assume that console gaming is the best gaming platform on the face of the Earth.

This said, it has been quite some time since Sony has put out a new Playstation (PS3 arrived November of 2006) and it has been quite some time since Microsoft has released a new Xbox (Xbox 360 arrived in November of 2005. But now, unless you have been living under a rock or spending all your time looking at the latest and greatest in colocation tech (we’re a colocation site, give us a break), you know that both Sony and Microsoft will release the next gen of gaming consoles onto the market later this year.

So, the question is, which will you purchase? Not sure. Let’s discuss.

Console Specs

First, let’s take a look at the specs. Don’t worry, these won’t make much a difference to the vast majority of console gamers. The specs below are provided by IGN.

Both have Blue-ray/DVD drives.

Both have Game DVRs.

PS4 utilizes 8GB GDDR5 for RAM. Xbox One utilizes 8GB DDR3 for RAM.

PS4 utilizes a Single-Chip x86 AMD “Jaguar” processor with 8 cores for CPU. Xbox One makes use of an 8 core Microsoft Custon CPU.

Both have a 500GB Hard Drive. Both can not be removed.

Both have Cloud storage.

Xbox One has external storage. PS4 is to be determined.

Both systems do not require an Internet connection to use as a daily gamer. Connection is required for system updates.

Both have no used game fee.

Both systems are not backwards compatible.

Both systems have motion control. Both have subscription services. Both have USB 3.0 ports.

Both systems have live streaming of game content.

PS4 allows users to go fully social with gaming experiences. Xbox One, not sure yet.

That being said, none of this means a single thing. To the average gamer, the hardware inside the machine means next to nothing. To the computer gamer, they look at the hardware and think, that’s it? Waste of money.

Gaming Titles

The next detail to look at is game titles. With both systems not supporting playing older catalogue games (older titles are accessible through Cloud gaming), how many game titles will both systems come to the market with? As of right now, PS4 is rumored to have anywhere from 15 – 40 games slated to go when the system launches later this year.

The same goes for Xbox One. 15 to 40 games on launch.

All of this is good but it is too dependent on a gamers game play history. What titles do you love tends to illuminate which system you play. Game titles are subjective and that’s the point.

Legacy Game Play Will Decide

The big reveal here isn’t anything new. For all the debates over which gaming system will win out, the truth is each system will have some converts (in our opinion, PS4 will have make more converts than Xbox One) and each system will sell roughly the same amount of consoles over the holiday period – even with the price cutting done by Sony. The deciding factor in which gaming console you’re going to choose is – as it always has been – based on the titles you love more. Are you a Gears of War person or are you an Uncharted person? Do you lore for Sony to remake Final Fantasy 7 or do you want the Halo series to never end?

This is how you will choose. Screw the hardware. Screw the price. Screw the sharing capabilities of both systems. Gamers will select their console along their already established loyalties.

Whatever you pick, happy gaming and oh, if you’re wondering where our review of the new Wii U, don’t hold your breathe. Both PS4 and Xbox One blows it out of the water.

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