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A Guide to Picking Your Cloud Storage Provider

Posted by QuoteColo on March 11, 2014 - Updated on March 03, 2016

a guide to picking your cloud storage provider

Where to begin. If you are the average consumer, you probably have a vague or basic idea of what Cloud storage is and maybe you know some of the providers. Even with a vague understanding, we are sure you have heard about Dropbox. Everyone knows Dropbox. Whether you use it or not is a wholly different story. Still, without question the single most popular form of Cloud storage (more on this in a bit) is Dropbox.

That said, before we get into the nitty-gritty concerning Cloud storage providers and Cloud storage solutions, we need to break this article up into two sections:

  • Personal Cloud storage use
  • Business Cloud storage use

Personal Cloud Storage Services

We are going to make this very simple. When it comes to personal Cloud storage solutions, there are really only two providers who are worth their salt. Those being, Dropbox and Google. While Dropbox bills itself as “a place for your stuff”, the truth is Dropbox is an excellent service to store data – mostly MP3’s – and to send them to your friends. Dropbox doesn’t say it but as personal Cloud storage providers go, they are the Napster of online storage services.

On the other hand, Google’s Cloud storage suite is called Google Drive. More known for their business side of the coin, Google Drive is primarily used for storing, sharing and collaborating on various types of files. Through Google Drive consumers can work on word documents, spreadsheets, graphics and an ever growing suite of collaboration work products.

So, for personal Cloud storage: when it comes to fun, use Dropbox. When it comes to work, use Google Drive.

Business Cloud Storage Providers

Utilizing Cloud storage providers for your business is something else entirely. Unlike personal Cloud storage providers, when a company makes use of online storage solutions they have to put a large emphasis on per seat size, cost, scalability and security. For all of these reasons, Google Drive is out of the question. While the suite remains great for online work collaboration, when it comes to handling sensitive company data, Google Drive will not do.

No, for business Cloud storage needs the choice is between, SugarSync, Mozy and Carbonite. All providers mentioned offer scalable storage services with the promise of security and affordable costs.

In honesty, when it comes to deciding on which Cloud storage service your business should use, the choice is going to come down to virtual interface. As the majority of providers accomplish the same task for roughly the same amount of money, the largest factor in choice is being able to work in and liking the virtual interface you will be working in. We hate to say it, but when it comes to picking your business Cloud storage platform of choice, more important than scalability, more important than security and more important than cost is the look, feel and usability of the provided virtual interface.

Which brings us back to Dropbox.

There is a reason why Dropbox is so popular for consumers. The interface is as beautiful as it is functional. Dropbox has made it their mission to operate a Cloud storage platform which can be used by a monkey. With an affordable price, ever expanding corporate Cloud storage options and a beautiful easy to use interface, Dropbox is equally a good choice for personal online storage as it is for business platforms.

This said, a word to the wise: regardless of the storage platform you utilize as a personal consumer or business, make sure to locally backup your critical data via an encrypted device. You can never be safe enough.

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