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A Look At Some Private Cloud Computing Providers

Posted by QuoteColo on November 19, 2013 - Updated on March 03, 2016

private cloud computing providers

As a small to medium sized business (SMB) or a large internal corporation, you have data security needs. Those data security needs mean you need a vendor who has the ability to keep your company data safe and accessible from anywhere in the world with the right encryption keys. Another way of describing your need is a private Cloud computing solution. Private cloud computing services empowers you with a safe environment for your data accessible from anywhere in the world.

However, like the public Cloud, there are many of the self described, “Best private cloud providers” on the market. Well, today, to help you with your search to find the best private Cloud providers, we are going to discuss a few vendors operating on the market.


Typically thought about as the number one name in virtualization solutions, VMWare has made a good run at the private Cloud market in the past few years by offering their clients excellent virtualization software and the ability to reach the private Cloud of their dreams at a decent rate. While VMWare doesn’t offer direct private Cloud infrastructures, their industry standard virtualization technologies allows VMWare to act as an excellent facilitator for companies looking to establish a corporate Cloud. In shot, VMWare is the number one middleman allowing clients to build private Cloud computing solutions.


Although not as big as Amazon, Microsoft or RackSpace, Bluelock can be considered one of the best private Cloud computing providers in operation. Offering scalable services, power disaster recovery services and multiple data center cloud facilities, Bluelock supplies clients with a reliable service and a steady mind. In addition to powerful virtual data center disaster recovery, Bluelock private Cloud computing offers clients around the clock support, a slew of managed Cloud services, the peace of mind of managed Cloud firewalls and, if you are looking for more than just a corporate Cloud deployment, Bluelock supplies hybrid Cloud options.


Known as one of the largest and most reliable international data center providers in the world, Terremark offers a tried and true private Cloud solution for companies of all sizes. Above other major providers in the market, the Terremark advantage is their ability to supply clients with top tier data center hosting facilities at a highly affordable price. It goes without saying however with Terremark owning and operating private Cloud and managed Cloud data center facilities around the world, when you deploy a private Cloud with Terremark you experience industry leading managed support and industry leading physical/virtual technical solutions.


A few years ago, RackSpace was the new kid on the block looking to establish their name. Now, they are one of the largest and most reliable private Cloud and public Cloud providers in the world. With the ability to provision new Clouds in a matter of seconds, their never ending reliance on 24/7/365 Cloud support, their ability to provide consumers with tried and true disaster recovery solutions and the RackSpace capability of scalable private Cloud solutions, investing with RackSpace is always a smart play. 

It should be noted: private Cloud solutions aren’t for every SMB. While the private Cloud deployment proves to be scalable and secure, for companies looking for more flexibility and agility at a lower cost, the Hybrid Cloud might be a better option.

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