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A Quick Look at Tower Server Colocation

Posted by QuoteColo on September 25, 2013 - Updated on September 25, 2013

tower server colocation

If you are an interested web hosting client, you have most likely heard of colocation solutions. You most likely know the terms half rack, full rack, redundant power supplies, redundant cooling infrastructures and bandwidth. However, another term in the colocation industry that seems to go unspoken is tower colocation.

In this short article, we will define tower colocation, its benefits and how your company may utilize it.

What is Tower Colocation?
Tower colocation is defined as a wireless provider installing their web hosting equipment/gear within another colocation provider’s colocation tower. In short, the leasing company will lease physical space in the tower of the colocation company they are leasing space from. Within the space, leasing companies will install their need colocation gear (antennas and coaxial cables).

How is a Tower Server Colocation Lease Set Up?

Unless a special arrangement has been made, tower server colocation leases come in two varieties:

Separate Tower Colocation Leases
In a separate tower colocation lease, a leasing company will lease each tower independently and sign into contractual leases for all leases (towers) established. This allows the leasing company to pay for their towers separately and treat them as individual investments.

Master Tower Colocation Leases
On the other hand, a master tower colocation lease, the leasing company signs into a master lease with the parent company that lays out the definitions and terms wherein all future leases will be agreed upon. Typically a master tower colocation leases will determine how many antennas and coaxial cables will be allowed, they will determine the pricing structures for all future tower leases, how long each lease will last, the terms under each lease will operate and any other specific information the parent leasing company feels necessary to the contract.

Concerning the master lease, the main aspect of tower server colocation solutions is how many antennas and coaxial cables the leaser can utilize. As part of the master tower colocation lease, the parent tower company will specify if the leaser will pay a single payment for the entirety of antennas and cables they lease or if cost will be established on a per antenna and cable basis.

The Cost of Tower Server Colocation
The price for tower server colocation solutions will vary depending on a number of factors. Some of those factors include location, the number of antennas and coaxial cables, the weight of the antennas and cables, how much space is available in the tower of lease and where the generator is placed.
Like all web hosting solutions, the price for tower server colocation services will range. Wherein you can find cheap and affordable tower server colocation companies offering the solution for $50 per month, you can also find high-end tower server colocation services that offer tower colocation for a few hundred dollars per month.

At the end the day, the price of tower colocation will depend on your need and the wants of the provider.

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