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Affordable and Reliable Server Colocation in Chicago

Posted by QuoteColo on December 13, 2013 - Updated on February 18, 2016
affordable and reliable server colocation in chicago

If you live or work in and around the Chicago Metropolitan area you are most likely in need of a Chicago Colocation provider who can supply you with cheap, affordable, reliable and powerful colocation services. If this is the case and you are just starting your search for finding cheap Chicago, Illinois colocation services, you have come to the right place.

To find the best Chicago colocation data center facilities, look no further than our rock solid three-point list.

1.     Find Your Colocation Data Center

This fact has been said time and time again yet it bears reinforcing. When it comes to colocation, Chicago Colocation or New York City Colocation etc., you want to be close to your colocation server provider. As such, before you begin seeking out Chicago colocation facilities to invest your money in, it would be a smart idea to understand where major Chicago data center facilities are located. To accomplish this, visit the QuoteColo Chicago Colocation page. From listing all major colocation data center facilities located in Chicago, to listing major providers within the Chicago Metro Area, the Chicago Colocation Server page will answer most of your Chicago server colocation questions.

2.     Understand Chicago Colocation Services

The next major step in finding affordable and reliable server colocation in Chicago is to understand the services major Chicago, Illinois data centers provide to their customer base. The vast majority of Chicago Colocation solutions provide managed and unmanaged colocation facilities, managed and unmanaged dedicated servers, disaster recovery services and Cloud hosting services (Private, Public and Hybrid).

This means, for the business looking for a team of experts to manage their full rack of colocation servers with a 24/7/365 protected data center facility, companies in Chicago can afford that luxury. Likewise, it also means for a company looking to manage their own colocation and dedicated server solutions also stored within a 24/7/365 data center facility, companies can afford that in Chicago.

It also means, for the company who isn’t ready to plunk down a ton of cash on Chicago dedicated server solutions, powerful web hosting services provided by Cloud hosting servers can easily be attained. From utilizing the Public Cloud, to building and investing in a corporate Cloud (Private), to mixing both in favor of a Hybrid Cloud infrastructure, finding Cloud hosting in Chicago is simple and easy.

3.     Understand Chicago Colocation Pricing

We say this all the time. We say this all the time because it’s true. When it comes to finding the most affordable and reliable server colocation in Chicago, price really does matter. As price always matters, understanding how much server colocation or Cloud hosting in Chicago will cost you is a big deal. Without getting into it too deeply, the price of your Chicago, Illinois colocation services will depend on how many colocation servers you need and the data center tier your colocation web servers are housed in. Point in case, cheap colocation Chicago might run you anywhere from $50 – $80 per month. On the other side of the coin, a really stellar high-density colocation deployment in the middle of the city might run $600 – $900 per month.

It should also be mentioned, like buying a pair of shoes, the price of investing in colocation has a lot to do with the brand name you choose to invest in. Example: for runners, the New Balance Minimus trail shoe has been scientifically shown to be far superior to Nike or other full sole running shoes and yet, the New Balance shoe remains cheaper than the Nike show of likewise comparison. The same analogy can be applied when thinking about CoreSite Chicago colocation vs. NetSource Chicago colocation. Prices will fluctuate depending on brand and popularity of the colocation provider.

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