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What Is Amazon Redshift and How Is It More Cost-Effective Than Ever?

Posted by QuoteColo on June 06, 2019

What Is Amazon Redshift and How Is It More Cost-Effective Than Ever?

Have you heard of Amazon Redshift? This is not terminology that most people are aware of, but you will soon see just how beneficial this technology can be. It is essentially a fully managed data warehouse service that is located in the cloud. It is possible to start with just a few hundred gigabytes of data, but it can be scaled up to a petabyte or more, which is very impressive. When you use this service, it will let you use your data more easily, and it can even provide you with more insight into your customers and your business.

Getting Started Is Simple

The first thing that you will need to do when you are creating one of these data warehouses is set up nodes. These are known as Amazon Redshift clusters. Once the cluster is ready, it is possible to upload the data set and then perform queries on the data that has been uploaded. You can then add more clusters as needed. It is easy to manage those clusters through either the console or the AWS Command Line Interface. There are other methods of working with the data depending on the skill level of the developer, including using the Amazon Redshift Query API and the AWS Cloud Software Development Kit.

Amazon Redshift delivers high-quality technological capabilities from start to finish. It has parallel execution, end-to-end encryption, compressed columnar storage, and it is a fully managed service. This means that you will not have to worry about managing that database. You can instead focus on your data, which will allow you to have a better understanding of your customers and business.

Is It Affordable?

Naturally, one of the questions that is often asked whenever any type of new service is offered is whether it is affordable or not. The answer can vary based on a company’s own perspective of what they will be able to afford based on the quality of the product or tool they are getting. Recently, they upgraded their system from DS1 to DS2, which provided more capabilities, and allows for much lower prices. Depending on the program that is chosen, it will be $999 per year to $3,330 per year. Compared with the previous options, this is thousands of dollars cheaper, making it a good solution for many.

There have also been some other changes that have helped to make this a better overall solution. For example, there are no upfront, partial upfront, and all upfront reserved instances. This means that there are three reserved instance payment options for those who might need them. This can provide some added flexibility for those who may not know how much they want to pay upfront.

Naturally, those who are paying no upfront costs will have to commit to paying hourly over the course of a year for a one-year term. This is still at a 20% discount from paying on-demand. When choosing to pay partial upfront, there is a 41% discount for one term and up to 73% for a three-year term. Those who pay all upfront will naturally have the lowest cost. These are available in plans of one to three years. They offer a 42% discount for one year, and up to a 76% discount for a three-year term.

Now could be the ideal time to start looking at all of the benefits that Amazon Redshift could offer. With the prices as low as they are, and with the new options, there is no reason not to try it.



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