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What Does Antminer S9 Firmware Do and Why Should You Update?

Posted by QuoteColo on March 24, 2020 - Updated on March 18, 2020
antminer s9

The Antminer S9 has long been one of the most popular options for Bitcoin mining, and it is often the go-to option for miners who are just getting started, as well as those who want additional reliable machines for their setup. It is still a powerful miner, but it is important that the owners are taking proper care of the machines.

Bitmain, the manufacturer of the Antminer machines, creates not only the hardware for the machines, but they also provide the firmware. The firmware is a type of computer software that provides control over hardware within a device. It carries out the most important functions of the device.

Why Is Updating the Firmware Important?

Over time, Bitmain makes improvements and changes to the firmware for their S9s and other machines. These improvements can help with the functionality of the machine, making it more efficient. In addition, firmware updates often help to make the system more secure and less at risk for viruses.

Updating the Antminer S9 Firmware

To update your firmware, you will first need to download the latest firmware from Bitmain. There will be a list of different miners available, so make sure that you are choosing the S9 that you have. Keep in mind that there will be other options that might look similar, such as S9 SE, S9i, S9j, and S9k, for example. Choose the proper option.

There will typically be several options available from which to choose for your model, and you will want to find the latest release date, which is in the name of the firmware. There will be a description of the firmware, which will let you know what types of changes and upgrades have been made to it. For example, it might let you know that it has enhanced the virus capabilities of the firmware, which can make it more secure.

You will also want to check to see which firmware your Antminer is currently using and take note of it. This is important, because if you find that the latest firmware doesn’t work well for your machine, or if it is causing problems, you can go back to the download page and revert to your old firmware that you know works well.

You can download the firmware, which will come in a ZIP file. Then, you will upload that ZIP file, without extracting, to your Antminer S9. Keep in mind that it can often take some time for the update to complete. It is important that you let if completely finish, so do not turn off the Antminer during this process, as it will likely cause damage to the machine.

Those who have Antminer S9 machines should pay close attention to the firmware they are using. If they have not updated their machines recently, it might be time to look at the new firmware offerings. They could provide your device with the additional help that it needs to operate efficiently and to take care of any bugs to help improve security.


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