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At QuoteColo, we deliver cutting-edge solutions to our clients’ most pressing needs. We are proud to partner with the best of breed AWS Managed Service Providers, and believe that with our capable assistance, your business can leverage this powerful suite of tools and services without the high costs, headaches, hassles, and stress of attempting to go it alone. Our process is simple, let us know what help you are looking for with AWS and we put you in touch with the most qualified and certified AWS experts available in the market today.

The majority of our clients have engaged us because their AWS monthly spend is way too high. Our certified AWS consultants can work with you to fix this problem. From analyzing and shutting down useless instances to selecting the correct and proper instances to cost-effectively run your workload. Many legacy AWS clients are still running outdated instances as well. Amazon frequently upgrades its set of instances which typically run more efficiently at a more cost-effective rate. Just fill out the form above or email sales (at) and a consultant will connect with you about options and pricing.

How Does AWS Managed Services Work?

AWS Managed Services provides ongoing management of your AWS infrastructure so you can focus on your applications and business. By implementing best practices to maintain your infrastructure, AWS Managed Services helps to reduce your operational overhead and risk.

Sure, that sounds good, but what does it actually mean? Simply put, AWS Managed Services automates the tasks that slow you down and cost you money. These include the following:

Change Management – Quickly and easily request changes to your infrastructure through a self-service console and see them immediately.

Infrastructure Management – Scale available system infrastructure up or down as your needs dictate, paying only for what is used at any given time.

Provisioning Management – Provision cloud stacks quickly and easily through a self-service console and meet your application needs instantly.

Resource and System Monitoring – Monitor and control all resources and systems, and make adjustments on the fly to accommodate changing user demands.

Patch Management and Updating – No need to worry about handling OS patching, upgrades, and other maintenance tasks; AWS Managed Services takes care of it for you.

Access Management – Utilize industry-best access management tools to help foster better information security while using corporate credentials to access resources. These tools include: Identity and Access Management Roles and EC2 Security Groups

Security Implementation and Monitoring – Take advantage of best-of-breed anti-malware protection, antivirus protection, intrusion prevention, and other vital security precautions.

Backup Services and Continuity Management – Never worry that an outage will cost you information. Backup and continuity management ensure that you’re always backed up, and able to restore in the case of an outage, emergency, or disaster.

Always on Reporting – Get immediate access to the data that you need most in order to make informed decisions regarding the operation and direction of your business. Always on reporting offers complete transparency into data used to manage infrastructure, such as: Amazon S3 Logs, CloudTrail Logs, AWS API Data, & Key Performance Metrics.

ITSM Integration – Automatically integrate with IT Service Management tools that deliver a bird’s eye view of your resources across all environments.

Ultimately, it’s all about helping businesses run more smoothly, while enjoying the peace of mind that comes from knowing they are well taken care of.


What Benefits Are Offered with AWS Managed Services?

AWS Managed Services offers a number of important benefits for SMBs, as well as for enterprises. Because users enjoy full-lifecycle services to provision, run, and support their infrastructure, it enables:

  • Greater Agility – You can react quickly to changes in the marketplace, your customer base, and other areas that affect profitability and success.
  • Reduced Cost – AWS Managed Services offers significant cost reductions, allowing capital that would have otherwise been spent to be reallocated to propel business growth.
  • Reduced Time Consumption – How much time would you spend attempting to manage web services in house? AWS Managed Services reduce the need to handle infrastructure-related operations and focus more on mission critical considerations that help your business stand out from the crowd.
  • Outstanding Operability – How much time would it take to self-manage your infrastructure in house? How much would it cost to employ that IT team? The hardware? The software? With AWS Managed Services, you enjoy outstanding operability and the ability to compete with Fortune 100 companies while also enjoying managed monitoring, provisioning, automation, and on-demand resource adjustments.
  • Better Decision Making – Traditionally, even the most informed decision makers had to go on faith at times. With AWS Managed Services, you are able to make important decisions based on facts and figures, not on sentiment or best guesses.



Why Do You Need an AWS Managed Service Provider?

Given the fact that AWS Managed Services is, well, managed, why is there a need to work with an AWS Managed Service Provider?

It comes down to the fact that migrating to AWS and then managing workloads in the cloud is not as simple as it sounds. This is particularly true for SMBs, which often lack a robust in-house IT team. This is where an AWS Managed Service Provider can help.

Simply put, how much expertise do you have with AWS Managed Services? Do you understand the language used? Are you familiar with best practices? Do you have the time to migrate and manage workloads within AWS while still handling the day-to-day operation of your business? Enterprise-level organizations may have the in-house IT staff necessary, but SMBs often lack in this area.

Working with an AWS Managed Service Provider gives you access to numerous benefits, including:

  • Help choosing the right AWS instances.
  • Assistance choosing the ideal tools for business applications.
  • Expertise in designing redundant/secure environments.
  • Assistance with managing your migration.
  • Expert guidance in optimizing deployments.
  • Implementation of best of breed multi region architecture for your business


Why Use QuoteColo for your AWS Managed Service Needs?

One Stop Shop – QuoteColo works with the BEST AWS managed service providers to save you time and money. After a simple consultation, you will receive contacts and pricing estimates from the most qualified AWS partners available. Our partners can assist with things as simple of setting up your account and initial architecture and instances to implementing advanced security measures to keep your portfolio secure and compliant.

Custom Control – AWS Managed Services allows you to outsource responsibilities related to managing your operations and resources, but what if you want to keep some of those responsibilities in house? What if you need to adjust allocations on the fly? We give you the ability to gain custom control quickly and easily.

Granular Scalability – Yes, AWS Managed Services is scalable, but what scale works for you now? What about tomorrow, or a year from now? We offers granular scalability to ensure that you always get the perfect fit for your needs, user demand, and budget.

Flexibility and Peace of Mind – We allow you the flexibility necessary to handle any challenges that might come your way in the future, and the peace of mind that stems from knowing you have access to a broad range of other vital services and tools within our industry-leading portfolio.

In need of a means to migrate your workloads to the public cloud and then manage them after migration? Finding the migration process more than a little frustrating? Do you lack access to the necessary services and tools to handle your migration and then manage workloads accurately and easily? Our AWS Managed Service option could be the solution you require.


What Is AWS Managed Services?

AWS Managed Services is a collection of tools and services related to Amazon Web Services, or AWS. The entire point of AWS Managed Services is to ensure that businesses large and small are able to make use of the features and capabilities offered by AWS in the first place. Therefore, to understand AWS Managed Services, we first need to delve into AWS.


What Is Amazon Web Services (AWS)?

According to Amazon, “Amazon Web Services (AWS) is a secure cloud services platform, offering compute power, database storage, content delivery, and other functionality to help businesses scale and grow.” Of course, that’s not particularly enlightening. So, what does AWS really do for businesses? How does this cloud platform ‘help businesses scale and grow’? It comes down to a few basics.

  • On Demand: AWS makes its features and tools available to business users in an on-demand fashion, meaning users pay only for what is used, saving a significant amount of capital over time.
  • Essential Services: AWS delivers essential services, such as computing, storage, email, mobile services, and more. At last count, there were over 90 service capabilities bundled with AWS.
  • Virtual Cluster of Computers: AWS provides users with a virtual cluster of computers, available at all times, without the need for physical hardware to be purchased, installed, maintained, or upgraded on premises.
  • All in the Browser: All of the capabilities offered by AWS are accessible via a simple web browser, allowing users to configure and use resources as if they were physically present.

Perhaps the most significant benefit of AWS, at least for startups and small businesses that lack the deeper pockets of enterprise organizations, is that the costs are strictly based on usage. In short, you only pay for what you use. This gives all businesses, regardless of size of profitability, access to the essential technological tools vital to business growth in the modern world.


Moving Forward

Via our highly qualified network of certified AWS partners, QuoteColo delivers security, flexibility, customization, and the expertise and guidance you need moving forward. Our portfolio of services, including AWS Managed Services, ensures that you have the stability necessary to build your business and move it forward. If you’re ready to learn more about AWS Managed Services, Cryptocurrency colocation or Bitcoin hosting, or how QuoteColo can benefit you as your AWS Managed Services Provider, simply complete the form on this page. Also, we can be reached at 888-400-5732 or sales (at)