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AWS Pricing Calculator for EC2 and EBS

Posted by QuoteColo on June 13, 2019 - Updated on November 08, 2022

AWS Pricing Calculator for EC2 and EBS

Are you more than a bit curious about just how much your architecture solution is going to cost? This is the type of information that you will want to have before you begin to have a better understanding of whether it will be in your budget or if there need to be some adjustments made first. Fortunately, the AWS pricing calculator for EC2 and EBS helps to make it easy for you to get the calculations that you need.

This calculator will let you look at many different types of managed AWS services, so you can get an estimate of the cost of all of them. It will allow you to make smarter and more informed decisions. You do not need to have an AWS account to get started, which is nice. You do not even need to have much knowledge when it comes to the system to get started.

How Does the Calculator Work?

Fortunately, you will find that the entire process works very simply. You can get the estimates for your overall cost by adding services to the calculator, and then configure those services to the way that you would actually be using them. At that point, you can view the estimated totals for your costs. You can see the costs per service, as well as the service group costs, and the totals. It is a fast and simple way to get a legitimate idea of just how much you will end up spending. You will find that there are plenty of benefits when it comes to using the calculator.

What Are the Benefits of the Calculator?

One of the biggest benefits is that you will get transparent pricing. It won’t simply be what someone tells you is the price. You will be able to see the math behind the price, so you can have a better understanding of why the costs are what they are. You will find support for many different regions, as well. It is important to keep in mind that some prices, as well as availability, can change for various AWS services based on region.

Those who use the calculator will be able to find hierarchical estimates, and they can export those estimates to a .csv file. Being able to export is nice, as it will be fast and easy to clue in everyone on the team who needs to know about these costs when making a decision. Ultimately, the goal of the calculator is to make it easier to make better and smarter decisions when it comes to all of your AWS expenditures.

The calculator is continuing to grow and improve, as well. Amazon’s goal is to make it easy to add any and all Amazon AWS alternatives services to the calculator to get the most accurate estimates possible.

Who Should Use the Calculator?

As you can see, it is a nice and easy way to estimate the cost for your Amazon EC2 and EBS needs. However, it can help in other ways, as well. You can better estimate all of your spending, and you can even compare the service costs per region when you do this.

If you are going to be working with AWS, one of the first things that you should do is figure out the basics of just what you are going to need and expect from your setup. Then, get onto the AWS pricing calculator to get an idea of how much you have to spend. Even if you aren’t at the point where you will be getting up and running right away, this can give you an idea of what you will be expecting.


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