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Basic Benefits of Colocation Services

Posted by QuoteColo on November 07, 2013 - Updated on November 04, 2013

colocation benefits

Here at QuoteColo, we are in the business of hooking consumers and businesses up with the best colocation facilities on the market. From connecting you to top tier data center colocation hosting companies like DRT and InterXion, to providing our consumers with a detailed breakdown of their colocation facility of choice within 24 – 48 hours of initial contact, it’s safe to say here at QuoteColo, we love everything colocation.

That said, what happens if you are new to the colocation web hosting industry? What happens if you’re a new guy and you aren’t sure if you should invest in colocation web hosting encompassing dedicated servers, Cloud hosting and managed dedicated servers? In that case, read below to learn about the benefits of Colocation.

Colocation Saves on Cost

The simple truth of it is investing in colocation solutions will let you experience a drop in your monthly IT expenditure. By investing in colocation hosting, you no longer need to dedicate your time and effort into maintaining your servers and IT gear. This alone, letting you get back to concentrating on your company as opposed to your IT needs, is worth the monthly investment.

Colocation Facility Redundant Power and Cooling

Investing in data center colocation web hosting means investing in redundant power and cooling equipment. Remember that time a storm ripped through your city and your critical IT infrastructure was knocked out in the citywide power outage? Yeah, that doesn’t happen within colocation data center facilities. With redundant power and cooling gear, your business critical servers stay up and running around the clock.

The Scalability of Colocation

We’re going to take a wild guess here: the servers and IT gear you have in your office are being kept in some office back closet which is only ever opened when something goes wrong? Moreover, this closet is jam-packed with no room to add additional IT gear? Well, when you invest in colocation services, you invest in your future growth. Investing in colocation means your colocation provider will supply you with a rack choice of your choosing to allow for the additional servers you’re going to need as your business grows.

Colocation Support

Maybe you’re company has an IT staff onsite. That IT staff costs a ton of money and truth be told, they most likely aren’t focused solely on the upkeep and maintenance of your IT servers. This means issues and problems they might not know how to fix. Investing in colocation means investing in a team of dedicated IT experts whose sole job it is to look after and make sure your IT gear is up and running around the clock. With managed colocation solutions, you get the support you need to run your company without worrying about if your web server is going to fail or not.

Colocation Performance

Hands down, the best aspect of investing in colocation is improved performance of your IT gear matched with lower costs and higher bandwidth capabilities. By investing in colocation hosting, you are investing in higher bandwidth capabilities for your IT needs and you’re investing in a data center facility that offers little to no yearly downtime of solutions.

All said, investing in colocation should be looked at as a long term investment that will cost some money yet will, over time, prove more beneficial than hosting your IT needs internally.

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