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Benefits of TRIA Managed Services for Amazon AWS

Posted by QuoteColo on December 11, 2017

As most of you already know, Amazon Web Services (AWS) has become one of the most comprehensive solutions for cloud computing. It can prove to be difficult for some enterprises to administer and implement, though. That is where Conectria’s TRIA for managed AWS comes in. It was designed to address the problems that many AWS customers struggle with at some point.

What is TRIA

In Latin, TRIA means three. With TRIA, this refers to services for AWS that manage the three significant challenges that customers using AWS face. These three things include: cost optimization, security and compliance, and performance monitoring. Each TRIA service is integrated into a customer portal with an intuitive dashboard for optimizing, securing, and monitoring the AWS environment. These are managed by Connectria’s 24/7 Network Operations Center and Security Operations Center, along with other staff.

Service Offerings

The three offerings in TRIA include NOCTRIA, OPTRIA, and SOCTRIA. These help with many of the challenges you may find while beginning to use AWS, as well as while you administer and monitor an active AWS environment. It can be a good option for those who may not know all the ins and outs of AWS to get going quickly without concerns about not knowing everything about it.


NOCTRIA is the offering that gives customers around the clock up-time and performance monitoring by the Network Operations Center. There are a number of services under NOCTRIA that help to keep your AWS up and running at an optimal performance level. This is also where you will find 24/7 account management and technical support.

Other features covered under NOCTRIA include systems administration, advanced customer portal, data backup, virtual private cloud network administration, customer integration, monitoring, and custom alerts. As monitoring is one of the most important tasks you have with AWS, NOCTRIA makes it much easier to choose and create a monitoring plan and then implement it correctly.


Then there is OPTRIA, which is the module that is intended to help customers optimize their costs in the AWS environment. OPTRIA provides constant cost optimization which is managed by Connectria’s engineering and support teams. OPTRIA helps you manage your monthly costs under AWS. It does this by monitoring the usage of AWS, to identify areas where resources are being unused, underutilized, or used in a way that is nonstandard.

After that, it will provide you with recommendations about how to optimize the way you work to save money. This allows you to manage your costs while the capacity and performance you need are still available.


The final of the trio in TRIA is SOCTRIA. SOCTRIA is the service offering that helps customers with their AWS compliance and security issues. This particular offering is 24/7, like the other two, and is staffed by the Security Operations Center at Connectria. This offering includes a full suite of security services that are designed to be sued to protect both data and applications.

Along with the around the clock security, there are many others offerings here that are worth taking a look at. There are security incident response and administration, real-time endpoint security protection, managed VPN and AWS firewall support, management for security configuration, and multifactor authentication support. This allows you to scale and innovate in AWS while being sure you have a secure environment to do so.

These three services, packaged as TRIA, make a considerable dent in offering help for those struggling to use AWS in the most efficient and optimized way. While it may not be required for everyone, it’s a piece of the pie that will allow more people to use AWS the way that best suits them and their business.

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