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Best Disaster Recovery Colocation Data Center Cities

Posted by QuoteColo on October 04, 2012 - Updated on November 30, 2017
Best Disaster Recovery Colocation Data Center Cities

With the massive growth of IT infrastructures, more and more companies are looking for disaster recover (DR)  colocation data centers. Choosing the right data center location to securely house your company’s IT assets is a vital business decision to eliminate downtime and business interruptions.  DR focused companies are looking for dependable data center locations void of hurricanes, flooding, fires and other natural disasters.  They also need a location that is easily accessible by car, train or plane.  The overall cost of rack and floor space, power and bandwidth also come into play. Companies need a DR facility that wont break the bank while allowing it to safeguard all of their critical IT business drivers. DR clients are seeking safe areas with low power and bandwidth costs and locations that can supply a well qualified pool of technical talent. In this article, we will look at a few of the most popular cities in the United States for disaster recovery colocation….

1) Las Vegas, NV – Well known for its night life and extracurricular activities, Las Vegas is also a top choice for technology driven companies looking to outsource their DR colocation requirements. The State of Nevada ranks well on The US Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) list of declared disasters by State at only 17 for “major disaster declarations” (compared to California which had 78). Only a one hour flight from Los Angeles,  Las Vegas offers some of the finest data centers available in the West. Rack  and floor space pricing is very competitive and the State of Nevada has one of the best power rates in the country at 8.92 cents per Kilowatthour. Tier one bandwidth carrier options are plentiful. Las Vegas’s largest data center provider the Switch aka “SuperNap” offers bandwidth from 28 carriers including well known providers like Verizon, ATT, Level 3, Cogent,  TWT, etc.

2) Salt Lake City, UT – In 2012, Utah and Salt Lake City (SLC) added more new jobs at a faster pace than any other State in the country except North Dakota. Most of these new jobs were spurned by high technology companies. Utah is a very safe geographic location and has experienced only 10 major disaster declarations according to the  FEMA report and its commercial power rates run about 7.79 cents per Kilowatthour.  Quality data center providers like ViaWest and C7 have recently upgraded and added more floor space  to their existing data centers in SLC. These providers offer blended BGP Internet connections and carrier neutral cross connects from plenty of tier 1 telecom carriers.

3) Phoenix, AZ – Phoenix’s Sky Harbor Airport, the 6th busiest airport in the US,  is a quick 2 hour flight from the Silicon Valley. has rated the Phoenix area as one of the top 10 cities for technology jobs. Similar to NV and UT, AZ has a low incidence of disaster declarations (24) and its power rates are fairly low at 9.12  cents per Kilowatthour. Phoenix is also home to some of the largest and most state of the art data centers ever built in the United States. The data center provider list is huge – IO, DRT, NAP, Telx, etc. Clients looking for DR can find plenty of cost-effective options with both provider supplied and carrier neutral internet bandwidth.

Ironically, sometimes the ultimate decision comes down to the IT person’s outside interests and hobbies. Gamblers love Las Vegas, outdoor enthusiast pick UT and golfers go for broke in AZ! This is just a short list of the best disaster recovery colocation data center cities.  Future updates and posts will cover DR options East of the Mississippi River.

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