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Best IPv6 Cloud Hosting Providers

Posted by QuoteColo on January 19, 2015

Best IPv6 Cloud Hosting ProvidersThe latest version of the Internet Protocol is called IPv6. It’s a communications protocol meant to offer a location and ID system for computers that are part of networks and that direct traffic through the web. The main reason for the creation of IPv6 was due to the issues with IPv4 addresses being depleted. Even though it has been around since 1998, IPv4 is still taking care of more than 94% of the traffic around the world. It’s slowly but surely starting to supplant the older method.

What does this mean for you? It won’t really change the way that your site works, it just changes the IP address to a different protocol. For the most part, things will continue as normal. It’s the behind the scenes elements that will be changing.

The new system is growing, and that means that more providers are finally starting to offer this as a service. The types of hosting providers and cloud service providers offering IPv6 is varied, and they run the gamut. Some are offering infrastructure as a service, platform as a service, and software as a service. Let’s look at some of the best companies offering services for IPv6.


Bluelock offers infrastructure as a service and offers a range of different options for enterprise cloud computing, private cloud computing, and hybrid cloud computing. This managed cloud hosting provider has been providing solutions for companies in need of IT assistance for a number of years. They help to take the trouble out of managing their infrastructure and make it as simple as possible for businesses of many different sizes.

Based in the United States, they have Tier 3 and 4 datacenters to help keep information safe. These centers are in Indiana and Nevada. By keeping the data in separate geographic locations, it helps to ensure its safety.


Located in the UK, Brightbox is a popular provider offering a range of cloud services directly accessible with IPv6. The company offers high performance servers that have fantastic hardware and persistent storage. While they offer IPv4 addresses currently, they also are moving to offering more with IPv6. All of their cloud servers will get IPv6 addressees by default, and will have all of the same features and options as the IPv4 clients. As with other quality datacenters, they have different geographic zones for their cloud servers to help keep your data as safe as possible.


Cloudflare offers a large and intelligent global network. They are a high quality service that provides excellent protection and added speed for websites. They optimize page delivery for fast load times and limit bots and other threats that could cause downtime.

Like other providers, they saw the need for IPv6, and have been implementing the new addresses. They allow users to mix and match features from different plans, and they don’t charge for bandwidth, which is something that you don’t see with very many cloud hosting companies today. All of their different plans and tiers – Free, Pro, Business, and Enterprise – are IPv6 compatible.


HP is a known and respected name in the field of computing, and they are offering a range of different cloud services with infrastructure as a service, software as a service, and platform as a service. They have public, private, and hybrid clouds, and they have a number of different options and solutions to help people transition to IPv6. All their product lines including applications, clients, printers, servers, networking, and storage have IPv6 compatibility.

The company even offers a number of consulting services to help you get ready. These include:

• HP Transformation Experience Workshop for IPv6
• HP IPv6 Readiness Assessment
• HP IPv6 Architecture and Design
• HP IPv6 Web Start
• HP IPv6 Transition Consulting
• HP IPv6 Integration and Deployment

For those who need to get on board with the new protocols and who have no idea where to begin, HP offers nearly everything you could possibly need, including plenty of support.

NTT Communications

NTT Communications offers a robust array of features and benefits for their customers who choose to use IPv6. They will have the full support of engineers specifically trained to work on IPv6. The company is capable of offering native service as well as dual IPv6 and IPv4 service. They have a global service capable of providing coverage all around the world.


Rackspace has been getting ready for the IPv6 overhaul for a long time now, and they’ve fully embraced the change. They work to help their customers change and upgrade their environments to IPv6. The company offers fully managed public clouds, content delivery, storage, and cloud websites. They have a fantastic reputation in the field of hosting, and with their commitment to evolving along with the web, Rackspace is showing why so many use their service.


Softlayer has been offering IPv6 support for seven years, making them one of the earliest companies to take on the challenge. They have excellent native IPv6 service and a support staff that has the knowledge and experience to help with all of your questions about the change. They can help with every aspect of setting up the site and hosting it for you.

Tata Communications

Tata Communications is one of the leaders in IPv6 services, and they’ve been working in the field since the inception of the idea in the 1990s. The company offers a number of options and solutions for their customers including native service, dual stack service, and tunnel broker service. Because they’ve been in the field as long as they have, you can be sure that they have a fully trained and knowledgeable support team who can answer your questions and help with all of the aspects of getting started.

Windows Azure

Azure is growing in popularity thanks to the quality of service and Microsoft’s branding on their products. They have been helping their customers to make the transition from IPv4 to the new protocol, and they are building in support into their products including Windows Server 2012 R2 and Windows 8. They understand the benefits and the need for the new protocol, so they’ve been able to implement it in a wide number of their offerings. While they do not say when it will be available to all of their services currently, most believe it should be relatively soon.

Are you ready for the changes that are coming as IPv6 takes over the web? Chances are you are a bit behind the times still. Take some time to look over the great providers mentioned here, and see if they can help you get on track with the evolution of the Internet before it’s too late. The providers mentioned here have been working with the protocol for a while now, and that gives them a leg up on their competition. They will know the ins and outs, and have the experience that you need.

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