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Better Service for Customers with Cloud Hosting

Posted by QuoteColo on June 18, 2014 - Updated on June 19, 2014

Cloud computing, close up of male hand holding cloud with copy sSo many companies are turning toward cloud hosting today because it seems to have so many great benefits when compared with other options. While that’s true, some are overlooking one of the best benefits out there, but this hidden gem could well be the thing that finally pushes you over the edge and makes you go all in on the power of the cloud. What is it? Customer service.

We all know that cloud computing is great for the “as a service” type companies that offer things such as streaming movies, music, and games, for example. However, it really does hold quite a bit of potential for other benefits, as well, including better customer relationship management and overall service. Many different types of tools are currently hosted on the web through cloud computing, and that is steadily happening with customer service tools.

This makes it easier for companies to have the right tools, and they can do it at a substantially lower cost. It also adds flexibility and allows their customer service team to work from anywhere, since they will have access to all of the same tools through the cloud. There will be no reason to put individual software on each computer. Due to the flexible nature of the cloud, it also makes it easier for companies to scale their needs up and down as needed.

Ultimately, the cloud computing option makes it easier to institute these types of tools into companies of all sizes. It is particularly helpful for those mid-sized firms that are getting to the point where they need more help with customer relationship management, but are still small enough that they don’t have a substantial amount of money to invest in it.

Using cloud CRM is an affordable option, and many companies are already offering quality systems via the cloud. Working with this type of system can put less stress on your IT department, as well. They can concentrate on other elements of keeping your company’s tech up and running when they don’t have to worry about the CRM tools.

These tools will ultimately help the companies to be able to help their customers faster and more easily, and that can help them to keep their business running and growing. However, customer service is certainly not the only way that companies are benefiting from the cloud.

What Else Makes the Cloud a Great Option?

Companies certainly love the fact that they can scale their service as needed with this type of system, and that it is easy to do. The cloud services and software, since it is available from just about anywhere with a connection to the web, allows companies to globalize their employees as well. For example, companies can have their sales team, or freelancers they contract, work with them from most parts of the world. Since everyone is working from the same software via the same cloud system, it allows the companies to do more in less time. Of course, it also reduces their costs for licensing software. It is easier to monitor projects as well since everyone is working from the same system. Companies can watch the progression of projects without actually micromanaging.

These are just some of the many reasons that so many people are really starting to gravitate toward the cloud today. As the technology grows even further, these reasons will only continue growing.

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