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Bitcoin ASIC Colocation Hosting in Iran

Posted by QuoteColo on December 14, 2018

Iran has recently become a popular discussion point for Crypto miners looking for a cheap colocation for their ASIC and GPU rigs. Let’s dive into this a little deeper and look at the pros and cons of actually sending thousands of dollars of gear to Iran with the lure of cheap rates and finally achieving a decent ROI in this bear Crypto mining market.

Pros of Bitcoin/ASIC Colocation Hosting in Iran

  • CHEAP POWER – According to power prices can usually go well below $0.01 per kilowatt-hour. A typical Antminer S9 14TH can be hosted around $39USD (all in) a month or maybe even lower with higher volumes.
  • Iran may be suitable for second hand mining equipment that is just turned off or destined for the trash can to achieve a quick 1 or 2 month ROI.

Cons of Bitcoin/ASIC Colocation Hosting in Iran

  • The U.S. government does not have diplomatic or consular relations with Iran. Travelling to Iran is dangerous because there is a very high risk of getting arrested and/or imprisoned as a US citizen
  • Shipping equipment to Iran is tricky at best. Large mining companies such as Bitmain refuse to ship mining equipment into Iran. Iran’s army controls the border and they have the ultimate decision what comes in and what goes out.
  • Crypto mining in Iran is not 100% legal yet. Local Crypto hosts are trying to encourage local lawmakers to approve a bill that would allow it but it is still a very “grey” area according to recent news sources.

Summary: Obviously, the cons outweigh the pros.  If you have a bunch of second hand miners that are just sitting idle and you are feeling daring and lucky, Iran may be an option for you if you are willing to take that chance to make an ROI.

QuoteColo works with legitimate miner hosts all over the world. We do not have any direct relationships with hosts in Iran. However, we do you have a qualified host based in Kuwait who is now offering space, power and Internet in Iran. If you want to see rates and options, please give us a call or email sales (at)

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