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Antminer A3 Colocation

Antminer A3 Colocation
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Antminer A3 Hosting Colocation

Designed to mine Siacoin (SC) and not Bitcoin, the Antminer A3 has come on strong in the 2018 Crypto scene for clients looking for some diversification in their Crypto mining portfolio. With a hash rate of 815GH/s -+ 5% and promises of immediate delivery, the Antminer A3 is starting to gain some momentum. Antminer A3 units can be purchased on popular sites such as Ebay and Amazon for around $1900 a unit. They can also be purchased directly from Bitmain who has staggered the sale and the number of units sold per account to help more people get into mining. The Antminer A3 is rated to use approximately 1660 watts on 220v power. Similar to other Antminer S19 pro models for sale, clients will need to purchase a separate power supply unit (PSU) as well.



Antminer A3 Pros


  • Very easy to purchase with limited wait times
  • User friendly and very stable running
  • Diversify your Cryptocurrency options
  • Decent ROI depending upon difficulty of the mining pool


Antminer A3 Cons


  • Inherent risk of Siacoin mining
  • Like other Antminers – it is LOUD
  • Draws a tremendous amount of power for home/office hosting



Antminer A3 Colocation Hosting


Since Bitmain limited the number of units sold to individual parties, many miners are just hosting one or two units at their home or office. If they have ample power and cooling, this is not a bad option for those types of “at home” miners. However, many miners have purchased these miners to diversify their mining portfolio along with other Antminer models such as the S9 and L3+. In that case, it make sense to consider an outsourced data center option like a specialized Crypto mining facility. Let’s face it, all of these Antminers are LOUD, power hungry and need to be cooled. Miner hosts offer state of the art rack space, security, cooling and redundant power to keep your miners up and running 24x7x365. Mining hosting facilities can offer better electrical rates compared to local residential and non commercial rates as well. If you are looking for a miner host, please give our free service a try. It will cost you nothing and we will get you quotes from the best miner facilities around North America.



Best Antminer A3 Hosting Pricing (space and quantities are limited)


Atlanta $115/month


Indiana $125/month


New York State $115/month


Tampa, Fl $110/month


Quebec, CA $105/month


Washington ST – $138/month




Fill out our contact form and we will source you the best quotes from qualified mining facilities in your requested area. Please be aware that we have other locations available and our miner hosting database is growing daily.