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Antminer S2
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Antminer S2


The Antminer S2 is a Bitcoin miner that offers a hashrate of 1,000 GH/s while using only 1,050 to 1,150 watts of electricity. It comes equipped with the popular BM1380 which is also used in the S1. Underclocking has allowed a higher hashrate density with better power efficiency. The case is rack mountable and can be stacked for ease of storage. The miner includes an LCD screen that offers information about the hashrate, IP address, and maximum temperature of the chip. Cooling for the unit is provided by four 140mm fans. Configuring the unit is straightforward, and there is no need for the use of an external controller.


Antminer S2 Pros


  • Stable miner with extremely quiet operation
  • Easy to use device, perfect for beginners to mining
  • Ships with screws, rubber feet, and rack mounting rails for installation


Antminer S2 Cons


  • Hashing boards have been known to come loose during shipment
  • Not as efficient as more modern Bitcoin miners
  • May be a better option to mine alt coins or as a hobby machine


Antminer S2 Colocation Hosting


When it comes to the hosting for your Antminer S2, you have two options. The easiest solution is to pay for a colocation service that is miner-friendly. These can be found in Europe, Canada, and the United States. You will get a better power rate and economy pricing while having the knowledge that someone is always watching over your server and keeping it safe. The second option is to wire your own office or home to host the server on your own. You will likely need the help of an electrician, at the least. The machines can be extremely hot and loud, so you will also need to ensure your family or roommates are okay with those aspects of owning a hosting server for your miner.


Best Antminer S2 Colocation Pricing (minimums may apply)


Washington – $85/month

Atlanta, Georgia – $75/month

Kansas City, Missouri – $80/month

Oregon – $70/month

Tampa, Florida – $75/month

Austin, Texas – $85/month

Las Vegas, Nevada – $110/month

Alberta, Canada – $65/month

New Jersey – $100/month

New York – $75/month


Keep in mind that these prices only offer a portion of the options available to you from QuoteColo. New locations come online on a regular basis, so it is best to speak with us about what options you should consider. Also, prices may change at any time, so this list may not always be 100% accurate. Contact us at for assistance picking the best possible solution for your needs.