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Antminer S3
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Antminer S3


The Antminer S3 is a third-generation miner from Bitmain. It delivers up to 478 GH/s while using 366 watts of electricity, which makes it extremely energy efficient at 0.77 J/GH. With a lower consumption, it requires no more than a traditional power supply, although a more powerful one is not out of the question. This is a third-generation miner for Bitcoin based on the BM1382 ASIC and provided as a 28nm part. It can provide up to 20% more power-saving than the 55nm chips used in earlier machines. It includes two 14038 fans which are mounted at the back and front ends. There is no need for a proxy server and noises are minimal compared to similar models.


Antminer S3 Pros


  • Lower power consumption compared to similar miners
  • Output of less noise than many other miner options
  • Simple setup and easy to use, even for new miners



Antminer S3 Cons


  • Profitability may be lower than more expensive options
  • Hashrate only clocks in at 440/GH/s±5% without overclocking
  • Outclassed by many other modern miners on the market


Antminer S3 Colocation Hosting


There are a couple of options available for getting Antminer S3 units going. The first is to have an electrician visit to wire a 220v circuit at your home and office, which can be expensive. After installation, you must ensure they are secure and cooled to avoid overheating. Another option is to choose a Bitcoin miner hosting or Litecoin mining colocation service. These are hosted across Europe and North America. The power rates are less expensive for a commercial host, and the host will ensure the Antminer S3 units are kept at the proper temperature and are secure at all times. At QuoteColo, we can provide you with your best options and a number of quotes from the colocation facilities that will best fit your needs.


Best Antminer S3 Colocation Pricing (minimums may apply)


Alberta, Canada – $26/month

Quebec, Canada – $28/month

Tampa, Florida – $30/month

Atlanta, Georgia – $30/month

Charlotte, North Carolina – $32/month

Austin, Texas – $34/month

Dallas, Texas – $34/month

New York – $30/month

Chicago, Illinois – $40/month

New Jersey – $40/month


There are additional options available beyond the ones listed here. We provide miner hosts across North America and in Europe. Our database is continuously being updated and growing to offer more choices. To learn more about current options, fill out the contact form on and we’ll get back to you with all the information you need.