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Antminer V9
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Antminer V9


The Antminer V9 is a small miner that offers a hashrate of 4 TH/s with power consumption of about 1,000 watts. This isn’t the most energy efficient model, but a profit can be turned due to the sheer power of the device. The chip type is BM1580 and there are 135 hash chips on board. The system requires the purchase of a high-quality power supply unit in order to provide the needed amount of energy to run properly. This model comes with a 180-day warranty for the original purchaser. All in all, it’s an inexpensive entry level machine to get someone started in the hobby.


Antminer V9 Pros


  • Extremely inexpensive system is perfect for new miners and miner hosting packages
  • Hashrate is known to reach 4,000TH/s at the top end
  • Reliable and built for use in a 24/7 environment


Antminer V9 Cons


  • Return percentage is low and may be zero depending on other factors
  • Requires the purchase of a power supply unit of a specific wattage
  • Intro level system may not have features for expert miners


Antminer V9 Colocation Hosting


Many users choose to pay for colocation hosting rather than hosting their miners in their own office or home. There are several reasons for this. The first is that miners can be extremely loud, which can be frustrating for anyone working or living near them. They also put off a large amount of heat, which has to be cooled to keep the system working well. A third reason for colocation is that it’s often cheaper than all the things that go into setting up a miner in your own space. On top of that, your host will make sure your system is secure at all times, at the perfect temperature, and getting any needed updates.


Best Antminer V9 Colocation Pricing (minimums may apply)


Oregon – $77/month

Alberta, Canada – $71.50/month

Kansas City, Missouri – $88/month

Charlotte, North Carolina – $88/month

Dallas, Texas – $93.50/month

Washington – $93.50/month

Quebec, Canada – $77/month

New Jersey – $110/month

Tampa, Florida – $82.50/month

New York – $82.50/month


These prices may not be the most current as they are often in a state of change. We also regularly add additional locations, which might better suit your needs. Your best option is to fill out our contact form at so we can provide you with the most up to date information and assistance in choosing the perfect host for your mining needs.