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ASIC Miners For Sale

ASIC Miners For Sale
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QuoteColo is a broker company that offers a HUGE marketplace of both buyers and sellers of ASIC Mining Equipment. We offer pre-qualified sellers with quality used and new equipment located all over the USA, Canada, China and Europe. Just fill out the form above and in the “Requirements” field please provide the following information (1) Model Type (2) Quantity (3) Location for shipping. A sales associate will immediately contact you about our FREE and NO OBLIGATION program to match you up with a qualified seller. Alternatively, you can call us at 888-400-5732, text 617-640-0309 or email sales (at)

Even with this ever changing market and the price of BTC going up and down, our shrewd clients are still making a profit by finding inexpensive S9 miners (the workhouse of the industry) and running them in a cost-effective mining host facility. One of the best deal we have at the moment – buy used Antminer S9 13.5TH (on site in Russia)for $300/each and host them for $40-45USD/month all in (includes space, power, cooling & Internet).


October 2019 -PARTIAL list of inventory and pricing options (while supplies last)

Canada – 1100 Antminer S17 Pro 53TH (arrive Sept 16th) $3800 to $4200 each USD, price includes shipping and tariffs

USA – 1100 Innosilicon T2T Turbo HF, ready to ship, $1250 each USD includes shipping (available mid September)

Canada – 420 used Antminer S9 13,5 TH, $220 each USD, plus shipping, MOQ 100

USA – 500 used Antminer S9 14TH, good condition, $235 each plus shipping USD, MOQ 100

China – Antminer T17 42TH, $2259 each USD includes shipping


If you are interested in any of the options above or are looking for something else, please connect with us:

  1. email sales (at)
  2. text 617 640 0309
  3. call 888-400-5732
  4. fill out form on top of page





Typical ASIC & Bitcoin Miners Available For Sale (new and used)

  • Antminer S9 (most popular in this market, per unit used pricing starts at $300/each with volume discounts)
  • Antminer S9i
  • Antminer S11
  • Antminer S15
  • Antminer S17
  • Antminer S17 Pro
  • Antminer T15
  • Antminer T17
  • Antminer L3+
  • Antminer Z9 (large and mini)
  • DragonMint T1
  • Innosilicon T2T
  • Innosilicon A9
  • Innosilicon T3
  • Whatsminer M20
  • Avalon 1047 & 1066
  • Ebang E12


New Antminer Bitmain USD Pricing (100 + units/less than 100 units)

Bitmain Antminer S11 $526/$439

Bitmain Antminer S15 $935/$935

Bitmain Antminer T15 $580/$670

Bitmain Antminer T17 – $2085/$2185

* above pricing includes shipping and tariff costs to North America, customer responsible for 2.7% import fee paid directly to the courier.


We also have a very large inventory of used and new GPU miners. Please contact us directly for our list of rigs and pricing.


Partial List of Available USED ASIC Miner Inventory (Q1 2019)

Please keep in mind that this not like Ebay or Amazon. We offer ASIC buyers bulk ASIC miner pricing based on volumes. Prices below are negotiable based on volume. .

Given the recent spike in the price of BTC and the Chinese rain season, used S9s are very hard to find and their overall pricing is higher compared to earlier in 2019. Many of the listed #s below are already sold or in the process of being sold. please contact at sales (at) for updated options and pricing.


Kansas City, MO – 2500 S9 13.5TH, 1000 miner minimum at $145/each

Midwest, USA – S11 19.5TH (NEW), $439/each includes shipping

Canada – S9 13.5TH, $135 USD plus shipping (MOQ of 1000+)

Alberta, Canada – 195 S9 13.5TH, 120 S9i, incl PDUs

Chicago, IL – 50 S9s 13.5TH – $175/each & 30 A4+ units

Boise, Idaho – 14 L3+, 3 A3, and at least 15 APW3++ PSUs.

Valley City, OH – 55 A9 ZMaster (Equihash), 50 KSol/s, 620 W

St Louis, MO – 40 L3’s with PSU

New Jersey – 100 S9 13.5 TH & 38 S7 ASICs all with PDUs

Virginia – 25 S9s, 20 L3+ & 15 D3 ASIC with PDUs

Los Angeles, CA – 55 Bitmain L3+PSU and 50 Bitmain S9 w PSU

Cleveland, OH – 27 S9s, 30 L3+ & 5 Z9 mini

Albany, New York – 1200 S9 13.5 TH $175/each

Harrisburg, PA – 55 DragonMint T1, 130 S9 12.5TH & 30 L3+ w PSU

Spokane, WA – 500 S9 13.5 TH – $170/each

Seattle, WA – 50 Z9 Masters w PSU

Houston, TX – 250 S9 13.5TH, 35 D3 & 15E3 miners

Dallas, TX – 175 S9i, 30 Innosilicon T2T w PDUs

Portland, OR – 750 S9 13.5TH – $170/each

Las Vegas, NV – 20 S9 113.5TH & 20 L3+ w PSUs

Tampa, FL – 75 S9 13.5TH, 50 L3+ & 10 A3 miners


This is just a partial list of what is available. Please contact us on the form above for an updated list and custom pricing. We are constantly updating our listing and we will do our BEST to source you quality ASICs at the best pricing.

We also offer very affordable hosting colocation rates as well so you can still churn a profit in this bear market. Best deals so far in Q1 2019 are below:

  1. Russia – buy onsite used S9 13.5TH for $400USD and host them(all in) for $45-55/month
  2. Georgia USA – S9 13.5TH all in hosting $60/month
  3. NYS, Texas & Ohio – S9 13.5TH all in hosting $55-65/month based on volume
  4. BC, Canada – S9 hosting at $65 USD a month


Contact Info:


sales (at)