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Avalon 6
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Avalon 6


The Avalon 6 is a device that contains eighty 18nm A3218 chips which run at 500 MHz to offer up to a 3.5 TH/s hashrate. This is fairly close to the hashrate found when choosing the Antminer S7. The profitability of the device is relatively low, but reasonable considering the price of the miner itself. The Avalon 6 is quite noisy at 55 db, but not so noisy that it will bother you from a room across the house. If you choose to underclock, the noise is even more negligible. Setup of the 6 requires a TP-Link TL-WR703N or a Raspberry Pi used as a controller. The use of DHCP allows it to find an IP address automatically to speed up installation.


Avalon 6 Pros


  • Respectable 3.5 TH/s hashrate is similar to that of the Antminer S7
  • Inexpensive system is reasonable for a beginner to use
  • Can be a quiet option if you choose to underclock


Avalon 6 Cons


  • Needs a power supply of at least 1100 watts to run the system
  • Not as energy efficient as other choices available
  • Amount of customization might be an overload for new miners


Avalon 6 Colocation Hosting


After you have purchased your Avalon 6, it’s time to get everything up and running. One of the ways to do this is by having it wired into your office or home. This often requires the services of an electrician who will install a 220v circuit at the location where the miner will be used. The better option, especially with noisier systems, is to choose a colocation facility to take care of your Avalon 6. The power rates are often more affordable, and you aren’t tasked with keeping the system cool, secure, and operating properly. Instead, professionals will take care of those things for you in exchange for a monthly payment.


Best Avalon 6 Colocation Pricing (minimums may apply)


Washington – $93.50/month

Alberta, Canada – $71.50/month

Austin, Texas – $93.50/month

Oregon – $77/month

Quebec, Canada – $77/month

Atlanta, Georgia – $82.50/month

Chicago, Illinois – $110/month

Tampa, Florida – $82.50/month

Dallas, Texas – $110/month

New York – $82.50/month


The prices and locations listed above may change as we add more locations on a regular basis. We have hosts available throughout the United States and Canada, as well as in Europe. We continually add to our database with hosts who provide competitive pricing. If you’d like a custom quote for your needs, you can reach us by emailing