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Avalon 761
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Avalon 761


The biggest unique feature of the Avalon 761 is the inclusion of an integrated power supply unit. Nearly every other mining system on the market requires the purchase of a PSU, which can shoot the price of the system up by $100 to $200. The hashrate promised on this unit is impressive and even under average circumstances, you’ll be happy with the results. While this machine is a bit more expensive that some may like, the features and components that come with it makes up for some of that in extra value. For the discerning Bitcoin miner, this is a system with great potential.


Avalon 761 Pros


  • Comes with an integrated power supply so there is no need for an additional purchase
  • Hashrate of up to 8.8TH/s ± 10% is exceptional for any mining system
  • Features a current return rate of nearly $500 a year


Avalon 761 Cons


  • The price is out of range for many mining aficionados.
  • Profit ration could stand to be higher considering the cost of the unit
  • May not be the best option for someone starting out


Avalon 761 Colocation Hosting


Some individuals choose to have their mining system located at their own business or home, but this can be a challenging task. You will be in charge of handling the cooling needed, keeping the system secure, and dealing with the large amounts of noise common to these devices. The better choice in most cases is to use a colocation facility to host your hardware. This will ensure that it is secure, kept at an appropriate temperature, and experiences little to no downtime. You will also find that the energy costs tend to be less with a commercial location than a residential one. All in all, it’s the easier and often less stressful option presented.


Best Avalon 761 Colocation Pricing (minimums may apply)


Tampa, Florida – $97.50/month

Oregon – $91/month

Charlotte, North Carolina – $104/month

New York – $97.50/month

Quebec, Canada – $91/month

Alberta, Canada – $84.50/month

Chicago, Illinois – $130/month

Kansas City, Missouri – $104/month

New Jersey – $130/month

Dallas, Texas – $110.50/month


These are only a sample of the great prices you can find for hosting your Avalon 761. We are constantly adding new hosts with affordable prices and high-quality services. If you are looking for the best hosting solution for your mining operation, we’d be happy to help you select it. You can reach us by filling out the contact form at