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Avalon A8
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Avalon A8


With the Avalon A8, you get an affordable mining system with plenty of great features. This unit has special cooling technology to ensure your system never overheats. It comes with 104 A3210 16nm chips and has a hashrate that exceeds 11 per second. The product comes with an AUC3 cable, but other accessories are sold separately. This is a great option for someone who is no longer a beginner to the mining world but isn’t ready to throw too much money at one of the extra expensive feature-rich systems.


Avalon A8 Pros


  • The price is excellent for the hashrate and efficiency provided
  • AUC3 can connect up to five devices in a daisy-chain connection
  • 1200-watt power supply with 93% efficiency is above average


Avalon A8 Cons


  • Requires the purchase of a power supply unit to operate
  • May not have the hashrate that some would expect from the model
  • 65 db noise can be overbearing if you choose to operate from your home


Avalon A8 Colocation Hosting


You have two basic options when it comes to getting your Avalon A8 running and mining for you. The first is to choose a colocation host who will take care of the security of the system, make sure it stays cool, and watch for any abnormalities. These facilities charge by the month and are the easiest and most convenient choice. The other option you can choose is to have the system set up in your office or home. This can be pretty expensive and requires more specialized knowledge. If you aren’t comfortable being responsible for the temperature of the system, handling any problems, and keeping the system secure, you’d likely do better with one of our colocation hosting options.


Best Avalon A8 Colocation Pricing (minimums may apply)


Kansas City, Missouri – $96/month

Tampa, Florida – $90/month

Washington – $102/month

Dallas, Texas – $102/month

Atlanta, Georgia – $90/month

Oregon – $84/month

Alberta, Canada – $78/month

New York – $90/month

Chicago, Illinois – $120/month

New Jersey – $120/month

Quebec, Canada – $84/month


In addition to these locations and prices, we also offer a number of other options. We are always working to add affordable solutions for those who need a colocation solution. We focus on mining friendly options for those who are enthusiasts of cryptocurrency mining. In order to find out what your best options are, you can reach us at We’d be happy to send out a free quote with your options!