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Baikal Giant X10

Baikal Giant X10
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Baikal Giant X10


One of the most impressive features of the Baikal Giant X10 is that it is capable of mining various algorithms. If you find that one algorithm is no longer profitable, it’s simple to switch over to something different. You will want to have a high-quality power supply on hand to operate this system, 750 watts is the minimum but 1600 watts is recommended and can run two units at the same time.


Baikal Giant X10 Pros


  • Capable of mining various algorithm, although DigiByte is the most profitable option
  • Will provide a small profit daily, weekly, and monthly
  • Features a hashrate of 10 GH/s and uses 630 watts of power


Baikal Giant X10 Cons


  • Fairly expensive system that won’t fit the needs of anyone on a budget
  • Requires the purchase of a power supply unit to operate
  • Features a warranty that lasts only 90 days


Baikal Giant X10 Colocation Hosting


After you have received your Baikal Giant X10 miner, your next step is to get it in operating order at a miner hosting provider. If you haven’t considered that, there are two primary options available. The first is to connect the unit at your office or home, which will require an expensive installation of a 220-volt circuit if one is not present. You also need to consider the heat and noise that your system puts out. Many of these machines are extremely loud and can get very hot. You’ll need to have a way to cool the systems you use and an option for keeping them secure. The second choice is the more convenient one and it involves paying a host to operate the miners for you at their own facility. This can often be affordable, especially when you use the locations we have in our database.


Best Baikal Giant X10 Colocation Pricing (minimums may apply)


Austin, Texas – $53.55/month

Dallas, Texas – $53.55/month

New Jersey – $63/month

Oregon – $44.10/month

Washington – $53.55/month

Alberta, Canada – $40.95/month

Charlotte, North Carolina – $50.40/month

Kansas City, Missouri – $50.40

New York – $47.25/month

Quebec, Canada – $44.10/month


The prices listed above are only an example of some of our current prices and locations. We are always looking to add affordable colocation hosting that is friendly for cryptocurrency miners. We have other locations and hosts across North America and Europe. In order to determine the best option, you can reach out to us at for a free quote.