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Bitworks Fuel Miner

Bitworks Fuel Miner
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Bitworks has been working in the field of cryptocurrency since 2011, and they have quality machines available for mining a range of cryptocurrencies. They use GPUs for the mining, and you will be able to mine currencies, such as Monero, ZCash, and Ethereum. Check out the pros and cons and learn more to see whether they are the right option for you

Bitworks Fuel Miner Pros

  • Powerful miner that can mine many types of currencies
  • Support for 110V+ will allow the system to be deployed in many different environments
  • Simple machine to use

Bitworks Fuel Miner Cons

  • They are GPU miners, so you will not be able to mine certain types of cryptocurrencies with them, such as Bitcoin and Litecoin
  • The cost is high for a single unit
  • They can be loud when they are operating

Benefits of Colocation Hosting

Are you going to be hosting the mining rig at your own home? This is not often the best solution for most miners simply because it is going to be highly inconvenient. You will have to consider how you are going to ventilate the area and keep everything cool, and you need to consider the noise. Working with a colocation hosting company is the best option for a number of reasons. They will deal with the heat and the noise in their own facility. They can provide you with support, and many times, they will offer you better rates than you can find in your area.

Best Bitworks Fuel Miner Hosting

It is easy to see the benefits that come from colocation hosting. Now that you know you should probably be working with a colocation host, though, you still have to make sure that you are working with the best. You want someone that can offer great electricity rates, and that has the features and options that you need.

  • Alberta, Canada – $78/month
  • Atlanta, Georgia – $90/month
  • Austin, Texas – $102/month
  • Charlotte, North Carolina – $96/month
  • Chicago, Illinois – $120/month
  • Dallas, Texas – $102/month
  • Kansas City, Missouri – $96/month
  • Las Vegas, Nevada – $132/month
  • New Jersey – $120/month
  • New York – $78/month
  • North Carolina – $96/month
  • Oregon – $84/month
  • Tampa, Florida – $90/month
  • Quebec, Canada – $84/month
  • Washington State – $102/month

The locations available for your colocation needs are updated regularly, and we are constantly working to add new options. To learn more, get in touch with QuoteColo by calling 888-400-5732. You can also choose to email us or fill out the form on the page.