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Canaan A9
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Canaan A9

Canaan Creative is among the popular companies working in the field of cryptocurrency miners today. With the introduction of their new A9 model, which will include the new 7nm technology, it is bringing a new amount of power in a more efficient model. At least that’s what the specs are promising. As of this writing, the device has not hit the streets quite yet.

Canaan A9 Pros

  • Reduction in power consumption
  • 30 TH/s
  • Easy to use

Canaan A9 Cons

  • Release date unknown currently
  • Price date unknown currently
  • May produce a lot of heat, particularly when using multiple machines

Benefits of Colocation Hosting

In the past, it might have been possible to mine for cryptocurrency in your home with some success. However, that’s not the case today. You need to have faster machines, and more of them, to make a real profit. This can cause a lot of noise, eat up a lot of power, and it can cause a buildup of heat in the room. Therefore, you might want to consider using colocation hosting. With these hosts, you will be able to keep your machines in a safe and cool environment. They can also provide you with technical support when needed.

Best Canaan A9 Colocation Hosting Options

Below, you will see some of the best options for colocation hosting around the world. These are not the only options, but they are some of the top choices. They can also give you an idea of what you can expect when it comes to monthly all in pricing for your machines.

  • Alberta, Canada – $115/month
  • Atlanta, Georgia – $89/month
  • Austin, Texas – $150/month
  • Charlotte, North Carolina – $142/month
  • Chicago, Illinois – $177/month
  • Dallas, Texas – $150/month
  • Kansas City, Missouri – $142/month
  • Las Vegas, Nevada – $195/month
  • New Jersey – $177/month
  • New York – $115/month
  • North Carolina – $142/month
  • Oregon – $124/month
  • Tampa, Florida – $133/month
  • Quebec, Canada – $124/month
  • Washington State – $150/month
  • China –$89/month
  • Kuwait –$89/month

If you are looking for a quality colocation host that’s not on the list, there are still some options. Be sure to get in touch with QuoteColo today. You can send an email, fill out the form on this page, or you can call us at 888-400-5732.