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DragonMint 16T

DragonMint 16T
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DragonMint 16T


The DragonMint 16T is an extremely powerful system that can efficiently mine Bitcoin quickly. One of the special technologies that make this miner so impressive is ASICBOOST which can bump mining efficiency by up to 20%. The price on the 16T is expensive compared to less high-quality options, but with the features available, it’s still full of value. The Bitcoin mining system consumes only 0.075 J/GH, which is 1480 watts for your Bitcoin miner hosting service. You will have to pick up a power supply, but DragonMint also offers one that is perfect for this system. You can expect to see decent profits with this miner, whether you have one or a whole army of them.


DragonMint 16T Pros


  • Boasts an impressive hashrate of up to 16TH/s for efficient mining
  • Over 30% more energy efficient than options like the Antminer S9
  • Impressive technology that is cutting edge, profitable at small or large scale


DragonMint 16T Cons


  • The price of this system is well-above what many will be willing to pay
  • Must purchase a quality power supply, the DragonMint 1600W is suggested
  • Likely only of interest to experienced miners who have money to drop


DragonMint 16T Colocation Hosting


Colocation hosting is probably the most popular option for getting your new DragonMint 16T up and running. By paying a small monthly fee, the colocation facility takes care of your system, including housing it securely and ensuring it stays at an appropriate temperature. If you aren’t interested in the 24/7 job of watching over your system, this is a convenient option with many perks. The other option is to have the system in your own home or place of work. However, this requires the installation of a 220v circuit, which can be expensive and will need to be installed by an electrician. You will also need to have proper cooling capabilities and a way to secure the system to keep it safe.


Best DragonMint 16T Colocation Pricing (minimums may apply)


Alberta, Canada – $97.50/month

Austin, Texas – $127.50/month

Kansas City, Missouri – $120/month

New Jersey – $150/month

Oregon – $105/month

Tampa, Florida – $112.50/month

New York – $112.50/month

Charlotte, North Carolina – $120/month

Dallas, Texas – $127.50/month

Quebec, Canada – $105/month


These options are only a representation of some of the options offered through QuoteColo. We have many other locations and prices sometimes vary depending on location and demand. Rather than guessing on which location and price fits your needs, we can offer assistance in choosing the perfect solution. You can reach us by email at