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DragonMint B52
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DragonMint B52


The DragonMint B52 from Halong Mining is built to mine Siacoin or other Blake2B currencies. It has a listed maximum hashrate of over 3.8TH/s with power consumption of just below 1400 watts but has been clocked at over 4TH/s in some circumstances. You can expect to find profitability with this setup and you’ll recoup the cost of the system in a matter of time. It is louder than some other miners and is marked at 70db so it may not be the best choice for home operation. Otherwise, it’s a great option for a cryptocurrency aficionado who prefers something other than Bitcoin.


DragonMint B52 Pros


  • Profitability seems to be reasonably high for Siacoin mining
  • Energy efficiency is higher than many other mining systems
  • Setup is fairly simple and operation is a breeze


DragonMint B52 Cons


  • Maximum hashrate is much lower than other options on the market
  • Requires the purchase of a power supply rated for 1600 watts or higher
  • Is specialized to work with Siacoin mining, rather than Bitcoin or other currency


DragonMint B52 Colocation Hosting


You have two options when it comes to running your new DragonMint B52. The first is to have your home or office outfitted with a 220-volt circuit so you can run it on your own. This is expensive and requires the help of a professional. It also leaves you in charge of making sure the system doesn’t overheat and that it stays secure. The second option available is choosing a colocation facility to run your system for you. You can still mine on your machine, but you won’t have to deal with the heat and noise in your private environment. This is the more convenient option for most people.


Best DragonMint B52 Colocation Pricing (minimums may apply)


Las Vegas, Nevada – $154/month

Washington – $119/month

Atlanta, Georgia – $105/month

Dallas, Texas – $119/month

New York – $105/month

Quebec, Canada – $98/month

Austin, Texas – $119/month

Tampa, Florida – $105/month

Kansas City, Missouri – $112/month

Alberta, Canada – $91/month


If you don’t see exactly what you’re looking for in the list above, that’s no problem. We offer many other mining friendly colocation facilities in various states and provinces. We are continually adding new providers in order to give you the most options and the best prices when you need colocation hosting. If you have a DragonMint B52 and want to explore your options, you can fill out a contact form at to get in touch with us.