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DragonMint T1

DragonMint T1
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DragonMint T1


The DragonMint T1 is one of the most coveted mining systems available and continues to gain popularity. Operating at 16TH/s hashrate, it has a huge amount of power, and that’s without considering the additional AsicBoost technology that comes included. The power supply required must be at 1600 watts or higher, but the unit does come with dual fans to keep things cool. The sound from the system can be pretty high, reaching levels of 75 db, so it’s best to keep it out of any living areas. Otherwise, this is an excellent option for someone who wants to upgrade from their current mining setup.


DragonMint T1 Pros


  • Efficient miner for Bitcoin with a hashrate that reaches 16TH/s
  • Offers a fantastic alternative to the Antminer S9
  • Profitability potential is there, recouping the purchase possible in a year


DragonMint T1 Cons


  • Price point may be high for many miners
  • Controversy over whether it or the S9 is the better buy
  • Not suggested for beginners to Bitcoin mining systems


DragonMint T1 Colocation Hosting


You have a choice when it comes to setting up and running your DragonMint T1 mining system. You can install it in your home or you can have it hosted at a ASIC miner hosting and Bitcoin colocation facility. The former is more expensive and leaves you with more responsibility. You’ll be the one keeping the system secure, making sure it’s cool, and handling any glitches. With colocation, professionals will be on staff to take care of problems. Security protocols will ensure nobody has access to your system. You can sleep easier knowing that nothing will happen to your new system. It’s also far more convenient in general for the average person.


Best DragonMint T1 Colocation Pricing (minimums may apply)


Oregon – $105/month

Washington – $127.50/month

New Jersey – $150/month

North Carolina – $120/month

New York – $112.50/month

Atlanta, Georgia – $112.50/month

Tampa, Florida – $112.50/month

Quebec, Canada – $105/month

Kansas City, Missouri – $120/month

Dallas, Texas – $127.50/month


These are only a handful of the options we have available at QuoteColo. We are always looking for opportunities to bring additional options to our clients. If you are looking for the best option for your DragonMint T1, we’d be happy to go through our database and determine what the best options for your might be. All you need to do is submit the short form located at and we’ll begin to assist you in any way we can.