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Innosilicon A4+

Innosilicon A4+
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When you compare the Innosilicon A4+ to the unit before it, it’s a huge improvement. You can see a hashrate of up to 620 MH/s at 750 watts of power consumption. This makes for an efficient machine for miners who want to be competitive. This miner has lower noise and a smaller size than many of the alternatives. You can expect to find profit using it and it should last based on the high-quality materials used. You will need to splurge on a 1000 watt power supply unit in order to operate the A4+.


Innosilicon A4+ Pros


  • Hashrate of up to 620 MH/s, with potential for overclocking
  • Features air-cooling with two high-quality fans
  • 10% better power efficiency compared to the previous generation


Innosilicon A4+ Cons


  • Price is high for many cryptominers, especially those who are beginners
  • Will require a power supply unit which comes separate from the machine
  • Level of profit may not be high enough to make unit the best value


Innosilicon A4+ Colocation Hosting


You can choose to install your Innosilicon A4+ at your office or home or you can choose to select a colocation host who specializes in mining operations. The former is a more complicated procedure, especially if you do not have a 220-volt circuit installed. An electrician will be required and the project can be expensive. You will also need a way to keep the device cool and a place to locate it that won’t make its noise interrupt others in the building. On the other hand, a colocation host will take care of the cooling, security, and other important aspects of keeping the machine in working order. You simply pay a monthly fee for them to take care of it while you enjoy the profits that it enables.


Best Innosilicon A4+ Colocation Pricing (minimums may apply)


Oregon – $56/month

Alberta, Canada – $52/month

Austin, Texas – $68/month

New York – $60/month

Tampa, Florida – $60/month

Washington – $68/month

Charlotte, North Carolina – $64/month

Kansas City, Missouri – $64/month

Chicago, Illinois – $80/month

New Jersey – $80/month


The prices listed above are some of the best we offer, but there are many additional options. We are always bringing in new hosts who are miner friendly and offer competitive rates for hosting. In order to find out about other hosts in our database, you can reach us via our contact form at We’d be happy to provide a free list of custom quotes.