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Innosilicon A5

Innosilicon A5
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Innosilicon A5


The Innosilicon A5 is a Dash mining system with an extremely high hashrate of 32.5 GH/s. It only needs 750 watts of power to operate, which makes it an efficient choice for this type of mining. This is a competitive machine that has a low operating cost and decent return on investment. It’s also an excellent machine for someone who wants to use it and resell it later for a very reasonable profit. It may not be the optimal machine for someone on a budget, but otherwise is a system that should at least be considered if you plan to mine Dash.


Innosilicon A5 Pros


  • Can expect a fairly short return on investment due to the high level of performance
  • Power consumption is low at only about 750 watts
  • High hashrate that offers 32.5 GH/s mining Dash


Innosilicon A5 Cons


  • Price is high which makes the machine inaccessible for many
  • Requires the purchase of a controller and an appropriate power supply unit to operate
  • Noise level is extreme at 75 db, unlikely to work for home use


Innosilicon A5 Colocation Hosting


Choosing colocation hosting, rather than installing the system in your own home, can often be an excellent option. If you were to have it running on your property, you would first need a 220-volt circuit, which is expensive to have installed by an electrician. You’d also be in charge of keeping the system cooled and speaking with any other individuals on the property about the potential for noise, as these systems are often extremely loud to operate. With a colocation host, you pay a minimal monthly amount and your unit is kept in a facility where it is watched over 24/7 to ensure it is secure and kept at an acceptable temperature for operation.


Best Innosilicon A5 Colocation Pricing (minimums may apply)


Alberta, Canada – $39/month

Washington – $51/month

Austin, Texas – $51/month

Tampa, Florida – $45/month

Chicago, Illinois – $60/month

North Carolina – $48/month

Kansas City, Missouri – $48/month

New Jersey – $60/month

Quebec, Canada – $42/month

Atlanta, Georgia – $45/month


We have many other colocation hosts available throughout the United States, Canada, and Europe. Our database is growing on a daily basis, which gives us the opportunity to provide you with the best prices on hosting in the locations you want. Get in touch with us at [email protected] to receive a free set of quotes, personalized for your needs.