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Innosilicon A5+

Innosilicon A5+
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Innosilicon A5+


The Innosilicon A5+ is the upgrade to the A5 miner that came out the year before. It features 65 GH/s hashrate with 1500 watts of power usage. The system is fairly expensive but well worth the cost for those who are serious about cryptomining. It’s built for Dash mining but can also mine altcoins which may have a better level of profit. The system itself is made of aluminum alloy and has two high-quality fans installed. All of these things combined make this a popular miner for those who are interested in coins aside from the standards. You will need to pick up a power supply unit before using it, but that’s accurate for most miners nowadays.


Innosilicon A5+ Pros


  • High efficiency mining with 65 GH/s hashrate and 1500-watt power consumption
  • Long life time and lower operating cost than similar machines
  • Launched as one of the best Dash miners in history for profit purposes


Innosilicon A5+ Cons


  • Expensive investment to get started, not recommended for new miners
  • Price is no inclusive of a power supply unit
  • Dash market can be crowded, which is what the machine is based on


Innosilicon A5+ Colocation Hosting


Mining systems can be extremely loud, very hot, and require more security than is available at your home or office. You can make alterations to operate the system at your home, but it may be expensive. Simply getting an electrician to install a 220-volt circuit isn’t cheap and there are likely more costs from there, such as cooling elements. With colocation hosting, all those problems are a thing of the past. Your system will be cool, secure, and watched over in a facility that is built just for that purpose. Some of the options for hosting your A5+ can be seen below.


Best Innosilicon A5+ Colocation Pricing (minimums may apply)


Washington – $136/month

Tampa, Florida – $120/month

Oregon – $112/month

New York – $120/month

Las Vegas, Nevada – $176/month

Dallas, Texas – $136/month

Kansas City, Missouri – $128/month

Atlanta, Georgia – $120/month

Austin, Texas – $136/month

North Carolina – $128/month


In addition to the excellent locations and low prices listed above, we have many other options available. We are always adding new colocation hosts to our database who are knowledgeable about working with mining systems. If you are interested in learning more about options for hosting your own Innosilicon A5+, contact us through the form on our website at