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Pangolin M3/M3X

Pangolin M3/M3X
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Pangolin M3/M3X


The Pangolin M3X is a system that weighs a little over seven kilos and uses 198 28nm ASIC chips to perform at top speeds. It is pretty loud at 78 decibels, but if you plan to use a host, that isn’t a major problem. It comes with a special power supply unit, which is a perk since it needs 2100 watts to work properly. It also comes with a controller. The hashrate is around 12.5 TH/s and mines Bitcoin efficiently. Installation is simple with instructions and help if you need it along the way. It’s a high-powered option for the miner who wants to do serious mining and make a profit quickly.


Pangolin M3/M3X Pros


  • M3X offers a hashrate of up to 12.5 TH/s at a power consumption level of 2050 watts
  • Features 198 chips of 28 nm, for exceptional performance
  • Profitability is possible, but the level depends on the cryptocoins of choice


Pangolin M3/M3X Cons


  • Price will be too extravagant for beginners
  • Noise level is intense, clocking in at over 75 decibels
  • As profitability lowers over time, may need replacement


Pangolin M3/M3X Colocation Hosting


If you have one or more Pangolin M3/M3X and you’re ready to get them going with some mining, there are a few things that have to happen first. Thankfully, the unit comes with its own power supply unit, so you don’t need to purchase one. You will need to determine where you’ll host the system(s), though. You can consider your own home but the level of heat and noise coming from it might make this less than feasible. Instead, we recommend choosing colocation hosting with a miner friendly company. You can see some of the prices below, which include professional support, temperature control, and more.


Best Pangolin M3/M3X Colocation Pricing (minimums may apply)


Las Vegas, Nevada – $231/month

New Jersey – $210/month

Chicago, Illinois – $210/month

Washington – $178.50/month

Austin, Texas – $178.50/month

Kansas City, Missouri – $168/month

North Carolina – $168/month

Tampa, Florida – $157.50/month

Oregon – $147/month

Alberta, Canada – $136.50/month


We have many other options aside from the ones listed above. We make an effort to bring in new facilities with affordable prices as often as possible. We have locations in our database across the U.S, Canada, and Europe. In order to find the best option at the most affordable price, you can reach us at We’d be more than happy to provide you with a free quote covering your options.