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Shark Extreme

Shark Extreme
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The Shark Extreme could be a great choice for those who want to have a powerful mining rig for altcoins. It features the Nvidia GTX 1070 Ti, and it will include eight of these GPUs in the unit. When you are mining Ethereum, it can provide up to 240 MH/s. Check out some of the pros and cons of the unit below.

Shark Extreme Pros

  • You can mine ZCash, Monero, Ethereum, and more than 50 other types of coins with the unit.
  • Customization is available for the Shark Extreme
  • It comes with a power supply unit

Shark Extreme Cons

  • This is not an ASIC miner, so you will not be mining Litecoin and Bitcoin
  • This is an expensive miner per unit, even when you can get discounts
  • This can run hot when you have 8 GPUs running in the rig

Hosting Colocation Benefits

You could choose to host the mining rig at your own home if you would like, but it is important to keep in mind that it can get loud when you have this many GPUs running. It can also get warm, so you will need to make sure that you have a way to cool and ventilate the area. Most will find that it is going to be easier to work with a colocation company instead. They can take care of keeping the machine cool and in good working order, and you will often find better electrical prices with a host.

Best Shark Extreme Hosting

When you are looking for colocation hosting for your miner, you need to make sure that you are only working with the very best. This means looking into their options and features, and the pricing, of course. Below, you will find some excellent options that might work for you.

  • Alberta, Canada – $78/month
  • Atlanta, Georgia – $90/month
  • Austin, Texas – $102/month
  • Charlotte, North Carolina – $96/month
  • Chicago, Illinois – $120/month
  • Dallas, Texas – $102/month
  • Kansas City, Missouri – $96/month
  • Las Vegas, Nevada – $132/month
  • New Jersey – $120/month
  • New York – $78/month
  • North Carolina – $96/month
  • Oregon – $84/month
  • Tampa, Florida – $90/month
  • Quebec, Canada – $84/month
  • Washington State – $102/month

If you are interested in the above hosts, or you want to see what else is available, get in touch with QuoteColo today. We are adding new locations weekly. You can contact us by filling out the form on this page, sending an email, or by calling 888-400-5732.