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Des Moines Mining
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Des Moines Iowa Bitcoin Mining Colocation Hosting

QuoteColo offers a no cost Iowa miner hosting pricing service. We will source you direct miner colocation  hosting pricing from pre-qualified and reliable miner hosts in the USA, Canada & China via email and/or phone. We can also source state of the art next generation miner units (S19, S17, M30, M20, etc) from well known miner manufacturers and resellers – Bitmain, Innosilicon, MicroBT, etc. Our low cost mining host facilities also offer buy/host Bitcoin mining packages. Clients no longer need to worry about shipping costs, customs fees, taxes, delays, etc. You purchase the miner(s) directly from the hosting company, they rack it in their farm and get you connected via the Internet. The host will also fix and trouble shoot any miner technical problems as well (ie) broken miner fans, fix boards, reboots, etc. You own the miner(s) and the host will ship it back to you when you are done mining. Contact us for more details:

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While the city of Des Moines is home to a wide range of different industries, it is particularly attractive to technology companies. In fact, the tech sector is one of the fastest growing in the area, and that includes cryptocurrency miners. Bitcoin miners benefit from the competitive energy rates the city enjoys. Iowa as a whole enjoys energy rates that average 8.99 cents per kWh. In comparison, the national average is 10.55 cents per kWh.


Of course, there are other considerations you need to make – such as finding the right Des Moines ASIC mining hosting colocation provider. It’s become nearly impossible to mine bitcoin without the support of a pool and a data center, but how do you choose the right facility for your needs? It can be quite challenging to compare Des Moines bitcoin mining colocation providers, but we can simplify things for you.


We’ve already done all the hard work in sorting through the data centers in and around the city. We’ve even vetted them based on reliability, quality and cost.


Des Moines Bitcoin Data Center #1: This bitcoin mining facility is located just south of I235 to the west of Des Moines proper. It offers suites, cages and rack cabinets, and can provide dedicated servers, or host your rig if you own one outright. The facility offers a 100% uptime guarantee, and covers 65,000 square feet. Note that this is a carrier neutral, hardened facility built with military-grade specifications in mind. Costs average $135 per KW.


Des Moines Bitcoin Data Center #2: Featuring 20,000 square feet of space, this mining colocation facility has a capacity of over 1,000 cabinets. The data center can offer suites and cages, as well. It offers 2N power redundancy, as well as N+1 water-cooled HVAC technology. Automatic fire suppression, 24/7 security and customer service, and access to multiple fiber connections are also benefits here. Expect to pay around $135 per KW.


Des Moines Bitcoin Data Center #3: This facility is carrier neutral, and offers 24/7 security and access monitoring. It can offer cages and rack cabinets, and you can choose a dedicated server or a virtual server. Note that this bitcoin mining facility can also host your own rig if necessary, and the facility offers a 100% uptime guarantee thanks to robust power and cooling redundant systems. $135 per KW is the average here.


These are just some of the options open to you when it comes to Des Moines bitcoin mining colocation providers. Not sure how to decide on the ideal provider for your needs? We’re happy to help. Contact us today for a custom, no-obligation quote based on your specific mining needs and budget. You can use the form on this page to get in touch with us, or you can call us directly at 888-400-5732. Feel free to email us at Sales @ if you prefer that method of communication. We look forward to helping you find the ideal data center to support your cryptocurrency mining activities.