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Edmonton Mining
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Edmonton Bitcoin Mining Colocation

Edmonton is a city located in Alberta, Canada, and with a population of just over 932,500, it is the second largest city in the province. The city has been growing substantially over the years, and it is one of the major centers for oil and gas. However, there has also been a substantial amount of growth in the technology sectors. Bitcoin miners who are searching for a quality cryptocurrency mining host will find many great options available, and most will have a cost of between $60 and $90 per KWH.

Of course, when it comes time to finding your ASIC Hosting Facility for Bitcoin Mining in Edmonton, you need to consider more than just the cost of the service. You will also want to think about some of the other types of services and options that the providers offer, how secure they are, whether they can build the rig for you or if you need to supply the equipment, whether they have a high uptime, and whether they are using the right type of technology.

You always want to make sure you are taking your time when you are choosing your ASIC hosting facility to be sure they can work with the type of equipment you have, or even provide you with the mining equipment you need in some cases.

QuoteColo strives to make things as simple as possible for you when it comes to finding great ASIC hosting facilities. Check out the list of top companies in the Edmonton area to help save time on your search and find a provider that is right for you.

Edmonton ASIC Hosting Facility #1: This is a carrier neutral colocation center that can help those who need to find a company that can act as a cryptocurrency mining host. They can customize solutions that will fit for your needs, and they have a 100% uptime commitment. The company has around the clock monitoring and network support, a connection to two power grids, a 150KW natural gas generator onsite, and onsite building security that is at the premises 24/7.


Edmonton ASIC Hosting Facility #2: Located in the southside of Edmonton, this provider can offer a range of services. They have rack cabinets, individual servers, dedicated servers, 24/7 physical access, and they are a secure facility.


Edmonton ASIC Hosting Facility #3: This provider offers a robust datacenter that has individual servers, rack cabinets, virtual servers, and dedicated servers. There are options for those who want to mine Bitcoin with ASIC hosting provider #3, a secure and technologically sound center.


Edmonton ASIC Hosting Facility #4: This host only offers miner hosting. They can also supply you with basic ASIC miners at a discounted price along custom made GPU rigs. They service what they sell as well and have trained miner techs on site 24×7.  The facility offers 1MW of power and S9 and L3+ all in pricing is $125 and & $75 USD.


We understand that you still have a lot to consider when it comes to getting the perfect Edmonton ASIC Hosting Facility. We can help. You can get in touch with us today for a free quote with no obligation, and that will work for your budget and your needs. You can get in touch with us easily by using the contact form that’s on this page, or by sending us an email at Sales @ Feel free to call us directly at 888-400-5732 as well.