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  • Private Cage Colocation

    Posted by QuoteColo on September 08, 2012

    Data centers offer Colocation  services  in a variety of different options. Some data center facilities offer open shared rack space for clients just looking for to colocate a server or two. These open racks typically reside in a cage environment that are accessible by many different clients. Along with shared space, data centers also offer […]

  • Best Disaster Recovery Colocation Data Center Cities

    Top 5 mistakes made when picking a colocation provider

    Posted by QuoteColo on September 06, 2012

    Picking the right colocation provider is not an easy task. Should you pick the cheapest quote or the most well-known name? Choosing the wrong data center provider can wreak havoc on your IT costs and possibly cause website and application downtime. In this article, we will discuss the top 5 mistakes we have seen clients make […]

  • Boston Colocation Data Center Providers

    Posted by QuoteColo on September 05, 2012

    Boston, MA home of the Red Sox, Celtics and New England Patriots is ranked as one of the top cities in the nation to start a new business. Along with the abundant pool of graduates from well known schools like Harvard, MIT, Tufts, etc.,there is also an abundant supply of venture capital firms looking for […]

  • Advantages of using a colocation broker

    Posted by QuoteColo on September 05, 2012

    A client called the other day and we spoke about his company’s potential colocation requirements. They were a local Dallas accounting firm colocating internally that was having Internet downtime issues with their local ISP. Recent legal changes regarding securing client confidential data was also a major concern. Their IT contact was looking for a SSA16 […]

  • 1u colocation advantages and pricing

    Colocation versus Dedicated Servers

    Posted by QuoteColo on August 24, 2012

    We speak with with hundreds of clients each month about the option of colocation versus dedicated servers. In this article, we will define both colocation and dedicated servers and examine the pros and cons of each service.

  • Finding a dedicated server

    Posted by QuoteColo on August 24, 2012

    Dedicated server providers are easy to find. Just Google the term “dedicated server” and you will find over 20,000 links to companies looking for your dedicated server business. Finding a dedicated server provider that is good is not always an easy task. Below are a few of the top questions that you should ask your […]