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  • Why Use a Dedicated Email Server?

    Posted by QuoteColo on August 09, 2013

    Why Use a Dedicated Email Server? When it comes to dedicated email hosting the best option for companies looking to get ahead on their marketing efforts is to utilize dedicated email server hosting.   Why does dedicated email hosting empower the marketing efforts of a company or individual? Below are a few reasons. 1.     Email Marketing Time […]

  • A Comparison of Dedicated Windows Server Hosting Platforms

    Posted by QuoteColo on August 08, 2013

    If you’re looking for cheap Windows dedicated server hosting or the best Windows dedicated server web hosting, you have come to the right place. For the next few hundred words, we are going to do a spot on comparison of some of the dedicated Windows server hosting solutions on the market. From price, to OS, […]

  • The Price of Dedicated Server Hosting

    Posted by QuoteColo on August 06, 2013

    Here’s the thing you need to know about dedicated server hosting: dedicated server hosting is expensive. When compared to virtual private server hosting or multitenant web hosting, dedicated server web hosting is a pricey proposition. Running anywhere from a few hundred dollars per month for a single server to hundreds of thousands of dollars per […]

  • Colocation Services Demand Expected to Surpass Supply

    Posted by QuoteColo on August 02, 2013

    The Nemertes Research Group estimates that colocation demand in the US is expected to grow by 15-20% per year through 2016.  This is fuelled by the increased growth in the digital economy. The exponential growth predictions for e-commerce, online video, cloud computing, financial trading, and mobile data foreshadow growth in the use of IP and […]

  • Samsung Galaxy S4 vs. Apple iPhone 5

    Posted by QuoteColo on August 01, 2013

    Arguably the two hottest cell phones on the market currently is Samsung’s Galaxy S4 and the iPhone5 by Apple. For the vast majority of people the choice in the phones comes down to a simple preference – Apple vs. Non-Apple. However, for those of you out there who actually want to compare the two phones, […]