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  • How to Ensure your AWS Cloud Environment Remains Compliant

    Posted by QuoteColo on March 05, 2018

    Security is nearly always a concern, including when moving from a server to the cloud. You want to be sure your migration goes off without a hitch, but you also want to ensure that security is tight after everything is running on the cloud. One of the most significant security measures to be aware of […]

  • The Benefits and Advantages of Cloud Computing

    Posted by QuoteColo on March 02, 2018

    It is becoming even more common for businesses of all sizes to use cloud services. Many factors go into why companies choose to adopt cloud services, from having access to modern software to having continuous availability of the cloud server. With all these businesses jumping on the cloud train, you may wonder what it is […]

  • Public vs. Private vs. Hybrid Cloud Hosting

    Posted by QuoteColo on February 28, 2018

    Many organizations of all sizes and in all sorts of industries are pursuing cloud computing. This style of computing has emerged as a business necessity, and it looks to provide high levels of productivity, value, and returns on IT investments. That said, when choosing the best cloud offering for your business, understanding the various cloud […]

  • Scalability in Cloud Computing: Historical Problems with Newer Solutions

    Posted by QuoteColo on February 26, 2018

    If you were to ask a room full of IT staff what the most significant advantage of cloud computing is, you would likely hear many of them talking about the ability to scale on demand. For businesses which are just considering the benefits of the cloud, it can be challenging to conceptualize precisely how powerful […]

  • Public Cloud vs. Private Cloud vs. Hybrid

    Posted by QuoteColo on February 23, 2018

    Many IT departments have the job of managing applications in various environments. They are also tasked with a continuous reevaluation of the mix of on-site, private cloud, and public cloud applications to meet business goals in the best way and determine how applications can be migrated inexpensively. As such, businesses need to determine what hosting […]