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  • Five Biggest Benefits of Server Virtualization

    Posted by QuoteColo on October 07, 2014

    Server virtualization is changing businesses and making IT management far easier for companies of all sizes. These massive changes to technology are providing companies with a host of benefits across the board. The following are five of the biggest benefits you will find from using virtualization in your business. Cost Reduction Consider the amount your […]

  • Best Cloud Based Apps for Creative Professionals

    Posted by QuoteColo on October 06, 2014

    Being a creative professional in today’s world has the potential to be a far easier experience than it was in the past, as long as you are using the right types of applications and tools for your business. Sorting through all of the options out there can be a hassle, so we’ve collected a few […]

  • Leading New England IT Management Service Company Lowers Cost and Reduces Research Headaches Using QuoteColo

    Posted by QuoteColo on October 03, 2014

    Like every IT Management Company, AtrionSMB was after the promise of lowering their monthly expenditure on data center services without having to bang their heads against the wall searching for the right data center provider to meet their needs. This is where QuoteColo stepped in. AtrionSMB, one of New England’s leading IT management firms, is […]

  • Key Skills Cloud Computing Engineers Must Have

    Posted by QuoteColo on October 02, 2014

    Cloud computing is getting better and better all the time, and the only way this is happening is through the hard work and dedication of the engineers who are focusing on making it better and more viable for businesses and individuals. The cloud will ideally help to make things faster and easier, and it should […]

  • From Tape to Hyper Cloud: a History of Data Storage Mechanisms

    Posted by QuoteColo on October 01, 2014

    Over the past few decades, we’ve seen some surprising and helpful advances when it comes to storing our data. Originally, we had paper copies of everything. This took up a large amount of space, it was unwieldy and difficult to use, and there was always the risk of loss. As we developed computers, our storage […]